FCS 24V 150W Lamp
FCS 24V 150W

Osram $2.50 Each

Philips $2.19 Each

GE $2.48 Each

Donar $1.74 Each

Osram Box of 40 $84.00

For longer life and dimmer light use FDV.
FCS is rated for 50 hours and 6000 lumens.
FDV is rated for 300 hours and 5000 lumens.

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Wattage: 150W
Voltage: 24V
Average Life: 50 hours
Glass Shape: T-4
Amperage: 6.25A
Filament: CBAR6, C-6F
Base: G6.35 Miniature 2-Pins; round 1mm, 6.35mm apart, -Pin/G6.35 G6,35-15
Maximum Overall Length: 2 inches
Light Center Length: 1-13/16 inches
Burn Position: Burn lamp in Base DOWN to HORIZONTAL position.
Lumens: 6000
Color Temperature: 3400 kelvins
Notes: Clear
LIF-Code: A1/216

Cross References: A1-216, O64640, OSRAM 64640, P7158 (Philips), PHILIPS 7158, 7158 (Philips), 64640 (Osram), 190600, Efos 4075, 54444, Type 7158 A1/216, BLV537, 1403, JQ-240, Type 7158, IQ Hanimex A1/216 G6.35 7158XHP XHP, 20607-8, 54041, HLX 64640, 64640HLX, HLX64640, 54041-0, 006727, 151600-4, 4075, 10404, 4070, Leitz 037-717, Nikon 71826, Canon MH7-3001, A216, A-216, O1157-001, 01157-001, 471-027, 041-179-01, 2063, 190600 B&H Bell and Howell, Bruning 09-810, PN 04117901, A1216, 50520, 78-6969-8949-6, 54263, BLV 140310, 78-6969-9244-1, 02-50-010, Leitz TYP 627.18, CZ-906-24, Hikari M-01059, Martin 88-906-24

This bulb is used in the following equipment:

A-Dec 6300 Cascade
Adec Dental Unit Head Light
Agfa-Gevaert Incorporated 100 Diamator
Astrascope 3000/3, 3000/2
Bauer SI, S1 Autofocus
Bell and Howell Company SR1, SR2, SR3
Bell+Howell ABR1400, ABR1900
Bell & Howell SRI
Bell & Howell SR III fiche machine
Boots 2400S Slide Projector, Code No 963491839085, 24 Volts; 150 Watt; IQ Lamp, Bulb A1/216
Borg Warner D35, D46J, D47
Braun Company B35, D46J, D47, D46
Braun Novamat Slide Projector
Braun 515 AF-M
Canon 100
Canon Universal Reader 320 Microfilm Reader, JC 24V 150W Eye Japan
Cannon 580
E. Leitz Incorporated Autofocus Color Pradovit, 24 Pradolux, N24JOD Pradovit, TA Pradovit, 153IR
Eastman Kodak Company Easamatic Reader Recordak, 40 Easamatic Recordak, PFCD, PFCS, PFCS-D Recordak, S Carousel
Elmo FPA (some models) Deluxe, ST8 (some models), ST8 (some models), ST8MO (some models) Sound, ST8MO (some models) Sound
Engle 014484 Dental Chair Light
Eurodent Light
Faro Sunlight 70 Original
GAF 7500A, 7502, 7504
GAF 501/502 Slide Projector
Hanimex 110 Rondette, 1000 Hanomat, 1200AF, TAF
Hanimex Rondette Series 2000 Slide Projector
Hanimex 1800
Hanimex 1500EF Rondette 24V150W Iodine Quartz Lamp projector
Hanimex 1500S Rondette
Highland 1610
Honeywell Projector Rolleiscop, ST8, ST8MO Sound
Interlight LSM Light Specialty
J. Morita Illuminator
Kindermann Magic I500 AFS=IR-  Nr. 8021 Slide Projector
Knight Manufacturing Model L
Kodak Carousel S
LaBelle Industries Incorporated 35 Sentinel
037-717 - Leitz Microscope Bulb
Liesegang U.S.A. J Automat
Leitz Pradavit P150 Slide Projector

Luminos Photo Corporation 3000-2 Astrascope 3000/2
Micro Design 100, 100A, 150, 200, 1200, 920 Microfiche
Microfilm Reader Model 201-1
Minolta RP504, RP509
Minox HP24, HP34 
Mitsutoyo 302-399A
Nikon Microscope 71826
OCE 3000  OCE3000 Aperture Card Scanner
Plan Meca Delight
Radiant-Pathe Incorporated V24 Pathe-Noris

Galaxy AF IR 150 Art. No. 16501
Classic AFM Art. No. 16301
Monitorset Art. No. 16150
Classic AF 150 Art. No. 16101
Classic AF IR 150 Art. No. 16201
Classic AF IR Zoom 150 Art. No. 16401
1800 AF Art. No. 1021
Combiset 150 Art. No. 16102

Regma Dataprism 2A or M 2M, AR2

Rollei of America Incorporated
P73e Slide projector
Rolleiscop, P35, P37, P66 Rollei, P350, P350AF, P3800 Rollei 35mm slide projector P35E

Sawyer 615 Remote Focus Slide Projector
Sawyer Rotomatic H150, 2B21A
Seaco 210, 310
Siemens Sirona A1,  Sirona E1, Sirona A-1, Sirona E-1
Simmon Omega Inc. Berkey Photo
SRL-451 Roto Balls
SRL-453 Trio Color Star Ball
SRL-461 Duo Color Star Ball
SRL-489 Four Plus One
Swift Microscope MA786 
Vivitar  Model 5000 Slide Projector, 3000AS, 3000 AS, 3000AF. 3000 AF, 2000AF

Starrett Sigma
HB400-2 Comparator

Portable Projector 38900
Model #38900AJAW Overhead Projector

BP200A Slide Projector

Zeiss Ikon-Voigtlander
Automat Perkeo
AF Automat Perkeo
AJ24 Ikolux
J150 Automat Perkeo
P500 Zeiss
P510 Automat
Perceo 415 AFS Slide Projector

Cross reference information is designed to help you find the correct lamp for your application. We do not verify the accuracy of this information. You are responsible for ordering the correct lamp and we make every attempt to help you in that process. We recommend that you confirm the information with the equipment manufacturer before ordering.

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