Hard to Find Bulbs-Misc. X Series

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These bulbs are not purchased directly from the manufacturer. We purchased these bulbs from auctions and businesses that discontinued selling bulbs or went out of business. All are new and most are in original display boxes. Some of the boxes may be ragged or missing, but the lamps are guaranteed new. Most of the lamps are GE or Sylvania brand. Some of these lamps are other brands like 3M, Apollo, Atlas, Avigo, Bell & Howell, BIAI, BMG, Candex, CEW, Chicago Miniature, Colortran, Cool-Lux, Dorcy International Inc, Durst, Eiki, Eiko, EYE, Filmo, Gilway, GOKO, Kalimar, Kando, Kandolite, Ken-Rad, Kondo, Lamco, Narva, Norelco, Olson, Olympus, Omega, Orion, Osram, P&B, Philips, Ponder & Best, Prism, Radiac, Radiant, Radium, Riluma, RCA, Satco Products, Sifang, Sunlux, Sunpak, Thorn, TP Hi-Lite, Ushio, Westinghouse and Wiko. If you have an inventory of new bulbs you no longer need, let me know and I will make you an offer for them.

Some lamps have the expected life of the lamp listed in their description. Your lamp life results may vary. There are several factors which affect the life of a lamp. Finger prints on lamps can dramatically reduce the life of a lamp. This is especially true with higher wattage lamps. The amount of voltage used relative to the rated voltage increases or decreases the lamps life. Any jarring of the lamp can damage the filament. This isespecially true with lamps after they have been used as the metal becomes brittle in the heating and cooling process. For more information on handling lamps please refer to our home page.

In Stock
XBO 150/W1 $213.60 Osram XBO 150/W1 Double Ended Xenon Short Arc Light Bulb 69234  
Osram 60011, Xenon, 2000W, DC Lamp, Horizontal Operating Position, 24V, 80A, 33kV Ignition Voltage, 80,000 Lumens, LCL 142.5mm, MOL 370mm, Bulb Diameter 52mm, 3000 Hours, Base SFcX 25-10 Cathode and Anode, Data Sheet, Alternate Part Number Philips LTIX-2000W-HTT, H = Horizontal Burn Position, TT + Twe Threaded Pins, OFR + Ozone Free 3
XBO-450W/2-OFR $400.00 Osram, 450W, Stromart: -DC, 095-868-0013, Made in Germany, Average Rated Life 2000 Hours in Vertical Burn Position, 17V, 25A, Burn Position S30 Vertical ±30°, 69243, 13,000 Lumens, 1300 CD, 35,000 CD/CM², OFR Ozone Free, SK19/36 Arc Contacts, Microscope, 35mm Film Projection, Digital Film and Video Projection, Architectural and Effect Light-Light Finger, Sunlight Simulation, 6000K, Dimmable, Hot Restart Capability, DC Operation, High CRI Ra>96, 4008321082626, UXL-450-SO, CL70087 2
XBO 450W/4 $400.00 Osram 69244, 450W, Xenon Short Arc, Double Ended  
XBO 6500W/HPN $1,250.00 Osram 69062, 69062-1, XBO 6500W/HPN OFR, 6500 Watt  
XBO R 101W/45C OFR $375.00 Osram 69190, 101W  
XJC20/CL/G4/24 $1.50 Plusrite 5119, 24V, 24W, G4, Xenon  
XMH60/CER $100.00 GE 18043, 60W, Ceramic, DC361E, 00779/AMP, 862434-4, 9728, 6240-01-423-9738, 5000 Hours, Sceon Model SLX4000 Fiber Optic Light Source, Welch Allyn MH18043, AT5004, SCESLX-4032, GSLX-4032, 11700-8, 12374, Xenon Metal Halide  
XOP-7 $13.50 XOP-7-OF, 750W, Xenon Arc, Length 9.5", XOP7-OF  
XOP-15 $13.80 XOP-15-OF, 1500W. Xenon Arc, Length 15.5"  
XPR3 $1.35 3.6V, .85A, 3.3 CP, 40 Hours, T3.25 Clear Glass, 10mm Diameter Glass, P13.5s Single Contact Miniature Flange Base, 3.1W, C-2R Filament, MOL 30mm, LCL 6.35mm  
HPX53, 6V, .975A, 0.975A, 6V0.975A, Craftsman Professional Ultrabeam 34-93204, 34-93201, 34-93202, & 34-93203, 102 Lumens, 41-5516, Intended for 6V Applications, Dorcy 41-1035
CM8-A209, 12V, .7A, 700MA, 8.4W, P13.5s, KPR120, 14CP, 15 Hours, T3.25, MOL 1.1", LCL .25"
XPR14 $1.35 14.4V, .7A, 17.5 CP, 50 Hours, T3.25 Clear Glass, 10mm Diameter Glass, P13.5s Single Contact Miniature Flange Base, 10.1W, C-2R Filament, MOL 30mm, LCL 6.35mm, 10W  
XPR16 $1.35 15.6V, .7A, 14.3 CP, 150 Hours, T3.25 Clear Glass, 10mm Diameter Glass, P13.5s Single Contact Miniature Flange Base, 10.92W, C-2R Filament, MOL 30mm, LCL 6.35mm, 11W  
18V, XENON, PR, .6A, 14CP, B-3 1/2,Bulb Diameter 7/16"/11mm, S.C. Miniature Flanged, 10.8W, Filament  C-2R, MOL 1.1"/27.9mm, LCL .25"/6.35mm, Average Rated Life 15 Hours
XPR18L $2.00 18V, XENON, PR, .3A, 7CP, B-3 1/2,Bulb Diameter 7/16"/11mm, S.C. Miniature Flanged, 5.4W, Filament  C-2R, MOL 1.1"/27.9mm, LCL .25"/6.35mm, Average Rated Life 15 Hours  
XPR19 $1.35 19.2V, .6A, 13.8 CP, 150 Hours, T3.25 Clear Glass, 10mm Diameter Glass, P13.5s Single Contact Miniature Flange Base, 11.52W, C-2R Filament, MOL 30mm, LCL 6.35mm *Stock
XPR24 $2.49
24V, .6A, P13.5s

*In stock-we always keep plenty of this item in stock and can order more if needed. With the miniature lamps this usually means at least 100 pieces in stock and with more popular lamps we may have thousands in stock.

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