Lamp Sockets

Sockets ordered will be shipped the next day by USPS Priority Mail or UPS. Large orders may qualify for a discount and may not qualify for next day shipment. If you do not know what lamp you require or for lamps not listed, email your request or call 336-882-2854. To order, please call 800-692-3051.

13357-N $1.00 Leviton 660W, 600V, 13357-N, 104-13357, 0-78477-85125-8, 81, 18, B18GJIJI, B18GJ1J1, White, G13 Medium BiPin Fluorescent, Pedestal Base, 30078477851259, 261B Lampholder, San 104, Tall Profile, Slide-On, Turn Type, 18AWG Quick Connect, UL E5833, CSA LR-5863, NOM 057, Thermosetting Urea Body Material, Copper Alloy Contacts, 07847785125 12
1575 $4.00 Kulka 660W, 1000V, Substitute for 1575P, Slimline, Tombstone, Fluorescent, UL E-13408, CSA LR95423, White Urea, Copper Alloy, Wire Fast Terminals for 18 AWG Wire, For 430mA Lamps, Pedestal Type, Spring Loaded 1
1576 $4.00 Kulka 660W, 600V, Substitute for 1576P, Slimline, Tombstone, Fluorescent, UL E-13408, CSA LR95423, White Urea, Copper Alloy, Wire Fast Terminals for 18 AWG Wire, For 430mA Lamps, Pedestal Type, Stationary 15
BA15d Bayonet Socket, Bakelite
2190834/SM $5.00 Specialty Equipment Converts P28s Base to Bell and Howell P46l Small Ring Base 2
2190834/LG $5.00 Specialty Equipment Converts P28s Base to Bell and Howell P46l Large Ring Base 1
E26 Medium Base Porcelin Straight Body Keyless 660W, 250V, Angeco, 100-30721-22269-3
22402 $5.00 Westinghouse Adapter to Use an E12 Lamp in a German European E14 Lamp Socket 65
22405 $5.00 Westinghouse Adapter to Use and E12 Lamp in an E26 Medium Screw Socket 3
22411 $1.40 Westinghouse E12 to E26 Adapter, Use E26 Base Bulbs in an E12 Socket, 120V Max, 75W Max, 21332, FW-413 *Stock
B15d, BA15d, with Flange
Replacement for 32133 Red Cap for PLH/30099 Pilot Light Holder
$2.40 Sylvania Replacement for 32131 Green Cap for PLH/30099 Pilot Light Holder *Stock
E10 Socket with 9" Leads
321690 $3.00 Sylvania Type PLH/30099, Code 321690, Sylvania Pilot Light Lamp Holder, 662D, 30099MINI, Pilot Light Holder, PLH30099, 125V, 75W 5
Projector Lamp Adapter, P28s to 4-Pin G17q, 125V, 1500W Max, to use a G17q Bulb in an P28s socket 4
35340 $1.00 VS Vossloh Schwabe 353-40, GX23 1
35813 $1.00 VS Vossloh Schwabe 358-13, G24d-1 1
35843 $1.00 VS Vossloh Schwabe 358-43, G24d-2 1
35863 $1.00 VS Vossloh Schwabe 358-63, G24d-3 1
35963 $1.00 VS Vossloh Schwabe 359-63, G24q-3 4
36300 $1.00 VS Vossloh Schwabe 363-00, 2G10, 2/250 1
P28s Lamp Socket
$10.00 Sylvania Projector Lamp Adapter, B&H Large Ring to G17q, to use a G17q bulb in an B&H Large Ring socket 6
$15.00 Morse
E14 French European Candelabra Screw to E26 Medium Screw Adapter, Morse, to use a E26 bulb in an E14 socket 36
Morse E14 German Skirted European Candelabra Screw to E26 Medium Screw Adapter, to use a E26 bulb in an E14 socket 17
Morse E26 Medium Screw to Mogul Screw Adapter, to use a E39 bulb in an E26 socket 1
Morse E12 Candelabra Screw Socket to E10 Miniature Screw Light Bulb Adapter, to use a E10 bulb in an E12 socket 1
$5.00 Morse Adapter to use an E12 Candelabra Screw base bulb in an E14 European French Candelabra Socket 44
$5.00 Morse Adapter to use an E10 miniature screw base bulb in an E12 Candelabra Socket
Edison to Mogul, To use an E40 base lamp in an E26 socket, 250V, 660W
Mogul Screw to Mogul Screw Socket Extensions, 351 6
464 $4.00 Leviton 660W, 600V, Plunger End Lampholder, 800mA High Output, 1500mA Very High Output, Recessed Double Contact, Horizontal Orientation Contacts, R17d Base, L464 51
465 $4.00 Leviton 600V, 660W, Fixed End Lamp Holder, 800mA High Output, 1500mA Very High Output, Recessed Double Contact, Horizontal Orientation Contacts, R17d Base, L465 42
502X63 $2.00 GE 51011, 660W, 600V, Single Pin Fluorescent Lamp Holder, 43180-62581, Slimline, Base Mount, Stationary End 27
503X60 $2.00 GE 51014, 43180-62593, Medium Bi-Pin Fluorescent, Butt on Clearance Mounting Holes, 660W, 600Vm YK 318F, Lampholder, G13 57
505X92 $5.00 GE 51021, 600V, 660W, Recessed Double Contact Fluorescent Lampholder, Base Mount, Stationary End, 2716730 8
Model 514 Smith-Victor Corp. Quartz Adapter To use DVY or DYH lamps in place of EBV or ECT lamps 10
670 $5.00 Osram Linestra-Fassung, Linestrafassung, 1A/250V, S14d 7
68 $10.00 Smith-Victor Long Adapter for use in Photoflash Holders or Synchronizers when Midget Flash Lamps are to be used. General adapter to use BA15s Base Lamps in E26 Sockets 1
78X354 $1.00 GE 51120, 660W, 600V, G13 Medium Bi-Pin Fluorescent Lampholder 13
78X729 $4.00 GE 51122, 660W-600V, Medium BiPin Fluorescent Lampholder with Starter Socket, G13 74
78X769 $3.00 GE 51124, 43180-62533, Black Standard Base Fluorescent Starter Socket, 680W, 250V, Automatic Starter Holder, G13 42
87-6233 $5.00   For 9004 Halogen Bulb, GM, Ford and Chrysler, Headlamp Pigtail Socket Assembly, 3 Prong, 3 10" 18AWG Lead Wires 11
$39.60 Osram G38 Mogul Bipost Lamp Socket, QCG-38, Fassungstechnik, F00177256, 11557, 938/11557, 1000V, 5000W, Pulse Rated, 45kV, B/W, 40A
BR. D. 1/8" Cap, E26 Medium Screw, Push Through Socket, Electrolier
ALF-141-32 $2.00 GE 51211, 43180-62132, Black, Fluorescent Lamp Holder, G5 Miniature Bi-Pin, Butt Ear Mount, 75W, 120V, 250V, 6" 18AWG Wires 38
ALF-225-01 $2.00 GE 660W, 600V, 51232, GE 1 UL, U Tube, Fluorescent Lampholder, ALF225-01 4
ALF-225-02 $2.00 GE 660W, 600V, 51233, GE 2 UL, 4- Tube, Fluorescent Lampholder, ALF225-02 13
ALF-521-01 $2.00 GE 56968, Biax, 2G11 Lamp Holder, Kema Keur, 2/250, ALF521-01 7
E26-E11 $5.00   Adapter to use an E11 Miniature Candelabra Screw Base lamp in an E26 Medium Screw Socket 2
E39 Mogul Screw to E26 Medium Screw Reducer, 250V660W, 250V Maximum, 660W Maximum, WE, D351, 22406, 807154910021, 20045923924068, 91002
G4-SKT $5.00 Sylvania 304330, 30433-0, G4 3
G4A-SKT $5.00 Sylvania 304370, 30437-0, G4 37
G58E-15.5T $1.95 Mitronix 250V, 1000W, 15.5 Inch 18AWG 200C Wire, GX5.3, GU5.3 G5.3, Nickel Contacts *Stock
G58-SHE-12 $2.25 Mitronix 300V, 12A, 750W, GX5.3, GU5.3 *Stock
G5-R21XNYT-12T $2.48 Mitronix Halogen Bi-Pin, 4-40 Threaded Inserts, 12" Teflon Leads, G6.35, GX5.3, GU5.3, 1000W, 250V, 18AWG 250C° Teflon Leads *Stock
G6-R32-CL-12 $1.90 Mitronix 100W, 250V, 12" 18AWG 200C Wire, G4, GU4 MR11, G6.35, GX5.3 GU5.3 MR16, GY6.35 *Stock
GE-6010 $3.12 Mitronix L2004F/22150, 22150, E204358, 9G34, Lampholder Adapter, WE, W-E, 0-30721-22150-7, 250V, 660W, E26 to E26 Extension Adapter, Medium to Medium Porcelain Extender, 8404M *Stock
GE-6034 $2.30 Mitronix 660W, 600V, Cleated E26 Medium Screw Base Lamp Socket, GOLO GE-6034 B 45E3, UL Listed, Lampholders600v660w, M4 *Stock
GE-6041-12P $4.50 Mitronix 5kV, Mogul, 12" 14 AWG 200C Leads, 1500W, 600V *Stock
GU-7-110 $6.00 Buhl Electric B.E.-GU7, BE-TAL-GU-7, GU-7-110, 50V, 10A, with 10" SF1 Wire Leads, UL E50783, CS 167328, For GU7 Base Twist and Lock TAL Base Lamps 150
GY9.5/24IN/18GA/UL3239 $10.00 Sylvania Osram 69367, GY9.5 and GZ9.5 Bases Lamps, 24" UL 3239 20kVDC Pulse Rated Wires, Ceramic Steatite Material, Silver Plated Copper Contacts, 10A, 1.57" or 40mm Diameter, .83" or 21.1mm Height, 200°C Maximum Temperature, 1000W Max, FS12025, F512025, ROHS Compliant, 5kV Pulse Rated, 18AWG Wire, B.E., BE-PRGY-9.5 HID, Metal Halide Lamps 4
H82 $2.40 Mitronix Bi-Pin Halogen Rectangular Style Lampholder for G4, G5.3, G6.35, GU5.3, GX5.3, 24V, 100W *Stock
HCB-30 $2.95 Mitronix BA15d DC Double Contact Bayonet, 500W, 125V, 18 AWG 200°C Wire *Stock
K540B $4.00 Mitronix G9, 500W, 250V, Push in and Lock *Stock
K540D $4.00 Mitronix G9, 250V, 500W, 2/250, T250 *Stock
K540L $3.50 Mitronix G9, G-9, 250V, 500W *Stock
K566A $1.50 Mitronix GX53, T140, 660W, 600V, RoHS, CQC, PBT Plastic, Stainless Steel/Copper Contacts, M3 Fixing Screws, 2/250 *Stock
K66SR-18 $4.23 Mitronix R7s, Recessed Single Contact, RSC, 3000W, 660V, 5kV, RX7s, 18" Wire *Stock
Model-B-18 $3.40 Mitronix E11, 1000W, 250V, 18" 18AWG 200C° Wire *Stock
MS-BAY-DCB $7.50 Mitronix E26 Medium Screw to BA15d Double Contact Bayonet Adapter, Convertor, 125V, 75W *Stock
MS-BAY-SCB $7.50 Mitronix E26 Medium Screw to BA15s Single Contact Bayonet Adapter, Convertor, 125V, 75W *Stock
36" Leads, Porcelain with Metal to grip and fit all Mogul and Extended Mogul End Prong bases GX36D PAR56 and PAR64 Lamps
87" Leads, F511230, AWG14 TGGT High Temperature Leads
Sylvania PAR3, SYL, 500W, 250V, SA, LR, RL, 36" Leads, PAR38 and PAR46 Medium Side Prong
PG-8H(S) $5.00 Peace 250V, 200W, G8, Dimensions 27
PG-9HA $1.68 Peace G9, Ceramic, with Pushin Terminals, GOLO SC-902, 200W, 250V *Stock
PG-9HC $1.68 Peace G9, Ceramic, with Pushin Terminals, 200W, 250V 223
Q500 $10.00 Prolight AU, Accessories Unlimited Bellflower CA, Quartz Light and Adapter, To use a 500W BA15d DC Bayonet Lamp in an E26 Fixture, Includes 500Q/CL/DC-120V Lamp, 2000 Hour Replacement EBV and ECT Lamps 1
Osram G38 Mogul Bipost Lamp Socket, QCG-38, Fassungstechnik, F00177256, 11557, 938/11557, 1000V, 5000W, Pulse Rated, 45kV, B/W, 40A *Stock
GE QCX-3-103, Soc 2-Pin, .060" Diameter, 3.5" Leads
B. E.
QCX-34 replaces the discontinued QCX-5S, B.E. QCX 300V 12A 750W SA LR RL, QCX-5S-112, 2-Pin 060" DIA 12.5" Leads, single contact with back up springs, GU5.3, GX5.3, G5.3
QCX-34-124 $2.45 B. E. Buhl, B.E., QCX, 300V, 12A, 750W, SA, LR, RL, QCX-5S-124, 2-Pin, 060" DIA, 24" Leads, single contact with back up springs, GU5.3, GX5.3, G5.3 *Stock
QCX-44 $4.88 B. E. 300V, 12A, 750W, GX5.3, GU5.3 *Stock
2-Pin, .060" Diameter 6" Teflon, Delisted
QEJ-10 $5.00 Buhl MR16 Frame, 6250-00-316-2335 7
OEW-0, 2-Pin Prefocus Side Tabs GY9.5
GY9.5 GZ9.5 MAX 300V 1000W 10A
QEX-10 $1.78 Buhl MR16 Metal Frame Without Ceramic Base Receptacle and Without Removal Lever *Stock
QEX-11 $2.64 Buhl MR16 Metal Frame Without Ceramic Base Receptacle and With Removal Lever *Stock
Buhl MR16 Lamp Socket with Ejector for GY5.3 up to 300V and 750W, GY5.3-ELH, ENG, ENX, EPW, ESD, ESH, ESJ, ETJ, EWG, EXX, EYA, EYK, EZK, EZW, FLE, FXL, JCR120V-150WB *Stock
GY5.3, Delisted
MR16 Lamp Socket with Ejector for GU5.3 and GX5.3 with 12" Leads up to 120V and 660W
GX5.3, GU5.3, QEL-11A, .060" Diameter Pins 13" Teflon Leads, Delisted 13
B.E. GX5.3, GU5.3, .060" Diameter Pins 4" Leads, Delisted
G22 Medium Bi-Post, 1000V, 20A
$2.30 B. E. G4, G-4, GU4, GU-4 Bi-Pin, 12" leads, 12A, 250V *Stock
QRX-5.3 $5.00 B. E. GX5.3,GU5.3, G5.3, 9" Leads, Can use QRX-6.35C as a Substitute 30
QRX-635C $2.30 B. E. GX5.3, GY6.35, Base, 12" leads, 12A, 250V *Stock
QRX-T $5.00 Buhl G4, G5.3, G6.35, Trio 3 Way Combination Low Voltage Base, 24V, 6A, 50W, 180° Max 3
GY6.35 Lamp Socket, 3" Leads
Sylvania Mini-Can, Miniature Candelabra Screw, E11, LW2, 0013724, 1000W, 250V, UL E31557, CSA LR20904, Steatite/Nickel Coated Steel Body, Screw Shell and Center Contact-Copper Alloy Coated
SYL, S48, E11, 300V, 1000W
S7-12" $5.00 Sylvania 69667-0, E11 Mini-Candelabra Screw Base, 250V, 1000W 39
Sylvania S7, 69652, E11 Mini-Can, 36" Leads, 16 Guage, 250V, 1000W, UL 31557, CSA LR20904, Steatite, F510710, AGW16 SF2, Can Replace F585150, F585330, F511913, 69651 and 69667 in Most Circumstances, Miniature Candelabra Screw Socket
S82-5930-60 $7.00 Mitronix S-8 Wedge Base, 60" Underground Rated 18 AWG Leads, KS, S8, 4, U. S. Patent 5.865.647 *Stock
SC-10-6 $1.52 Mitronix 250W/2A, T-250, 250V, 250W, SC-10GOLO, GU-10 Halogen, 6" 18AWG 200C Wires, Steatite, GU10 *Stock
SC-101-2-6 $1.42 Mitronix 250V, 100W, G4, GY4, GZ4, G5.3, GU5.3, GX5.3, G6.35, GY6.35, GZ6.35 *Stock
SC-102 $2.40 Mitronix 250V, 100W, GOLO, G4, G-4 *Stock
SC-109-2 $1.70 Mitronix 250V, 100W, 60-6 Golo Lampholder, G8, G-8 *Stock
SC120-6 $1.80 Mitronix G6.35, GZ6.35, 250V, 750W, GOLO *Stock
Bi-Pin Round Lampholder for Halogen for G4, G5.3, G6.35, GX5.3, GU5.3, 100W, 250V, Push in and Lock Wire Connection
GX10-q-4 Socket, 600V, 660W, SC224, 120V, 75W, Golo B, FML27W, FML18W, FML36W, GX10q-6, GX10Q4/2G10
SC-224 $2.95 Mitronix GY10q-4 Pin, 250V, 75W, Golo *Stock
600V, 660W, GOLO, Lampholder Fittings, Adapter to Permanently use a GU24 Base Fluorescent in an E26 Socket
SC-901 $1.38 Mitronix Golo, 200W, 250V, G9, PG-9EH *Stock
120V, 75W, BA15s, Single Contact Bayonet 15mm, 6" leads
SWB-2937 $1.25 Mitronics 12V, 6W, T1.75 Subminiature Wedge Socket *Stock
T819 76¢ Mitronics Golo B, 600V, 660W, G13 Medium Bi-Pin, Lampholders, Electric Discharge, UL Listed, 52E4, CQC, 180A, T8 and T12 Lamp Types, Push in and Twist to Lock, Equivalent to Triboro 631A and Leviton 13051-U *Stock
TC-82 $4.00 Buhl E26/E27 Stringer Socket, Tsun Chan, E-119632, 250V, 660W, 12" 18AWG Wire Leads 58
Sylvania 69021-1, 250V, 750W, 10A, 12A, G5.3, GU5.3, GX5.3, GY5.3, 12 Inch 18AWG Wires , F597530 23
250V 1000W Maximum G9.5 Based Lamps 36 Inch Leads
G9.5, TP-220, 36" Leads, F596030, TP220/12, TP220/36, Heat Sync, Heat Sink
F511950  SOC G9.5HS TP-22H 44" ETC  S, HPL Style Lamps
TP22H-CE/165CM/16GA/UL1659 $20.00 Sylvania 69017, G9.5, HPL Lamps in ETC Source Four Fixtures, 65 Inch 3 Wire Bundle, Ceramic Steatite Body, Silver Plated Nickel Contacts, LR20904, 250V, 1000W, ROHS Compliant, PTFE AWG16 Jacketed Wires, UL E31557 4
TP23H $8.00 Sylvania 250V, 1000W, GY9.5, 12 Inch 16 Gauge Wires, Ceramic Steatite Body, Nickel Alloy Metal, LR20904, UL5359, E31557, 599780, 59978, 69724 29
305430, 25W, 28V, GTE TP25, LR, SA, Wedge, W2.1x4.9d, W2x4.6d
TP27 $10.00 Sylvania GZ9.5, 1000W, 600V, GY9.5 44
660W, 600V, Fluorescent Lamp Holder, 6250-01-300-7995, 6250013007995, SP0570-05-M-3200, Lampholder, SL470183431PSZ, Bryant 4304-W12
WB-4087 $1.42 Mitronix Wedge Base, Max Wattage 75W, Max Voltage 125V, 18AWG 6" UL 105C Wire, Nylon Housing *Stock

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