Instructions for wiring our FML 27W ballast in a floor lamp with the ballast in the base and two wires going up the pole.
FML 27W Lamp Ballast

You will need to remove the capacitor from the back of the socket. The way the socket usually works is that you can push the wire in but you cannot pull it out. Inside the socket is usually a copper tab that allows the wire to go in and when you try to pull the wire out it presses into the wire. You must remove the old wires carefully. Sockets are not generally expensive but shipping is so you want to reuse your socket if possible. If your socket is designed this way use a precision screw driver to put just enough pressure on the copper tab to pull out the wire. If you put too much pressure and fold the copper tab into the socket you will need a new socket. You will remove both wires and the capacitor from the socket.

We recommend using the single wire going from the socket to the ballast to pull a bundle of four wires through the fixture. This should be easier than trying to fish in three new wires. Make sure you use 18AWG or heavier like 16AWG wire. Do not go to a thinner wire as 20AWG for example would be insufficient to carry the current and the lamp would not work or would not work properly and could pose a fire hazard. Please refer to the manufacturer for the specific wire gauge recommended for your fixture.

We recommend using the wire going to your switch to pull in two new wires. As with the four wire bundle I recommend using 18AWG or 16AWG. A good rule would be to look at the rating on the wire the manufacturer used and match that wire. Again please refer to the manufacturer for the specific wire gauge recommended for your fixture.

The two wires that you pulled to the switch will go on either side of the switch and at the base of the fixture one of the wires will go to the black wire on our ballast and the other will go to the hot wire from the wall.

The white wire on our ballast will go on the other, neutral, wire coming from the wall.

The four wires you pulled up to the socket have to go in specific locations in the socket. The two red wires serve one of the filaments in the light bulb and the two yellow wires serve the other filament. These cannot be crossed. See the image below for where the wires connect in the socket. Your fixture was wired so that the ballast was always on and the capacitor that ignites the lamp was built into the socket. With our ballast design you turn on the ballast to turn on the lamp and both the starting voltage and maintenance voltage are supplied by the ballast.

If you have any questions about wiring with this wiring configuration or any other wiring configuration you can call technical support at 336-882-2854. You can purchase this ballast here. You can purchase the socket below here. The below socket does not come with wires, the wires are drawn in for illustration purposes.

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