This bulb just burned out and I needed to find a replacement.
  veriluxbulbs.com charges $19.95 for this bulb
  relpacementlightbulbs.com charges 4.95 for this [AMOST identical] bulb
But, as your site correctly points out, the bases are INCOMPATIBLE and you state that you do not know of anyone except Verilux who makes a bulb with this base.

So Verilux has figured out a way to make everyone pay 4 times more for their bulb!
I found this completely unacceptable and it made me mad!

So, I looked at the bases very carefully.  I already had a bulbs identical to yours and I had the burnt out Verilux bulb.  And I came up with a trivial fix:

  Just file down the two lugs at the short end ofthe oval
  base of your bulb by 3/16" and it will fit perfectly
  into the "Verilux base" and the light works just fine.

I was so pleased with this, I ordered 5 of your bulbs ...
and have the file ready and waiting.

Just thought you'd like to know.


Order the FML27/65 lamp here.