64514 120V 300W Lamp
64514 300W

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Wattage: 300W, 300 Watt Watts
Amperage: 2.5A, 2.5 Amps
Voltage: 120V, 120 Volt Volts
Base: 2-Pin/GX6.35
Average Life: 75 Hours
Lumens: 7700
Color Temperature: 3400°K
Burn Position: Universal
Maximum Overall Diameter: MOD DIA 18.5mm
Maximum Overall Length: MOL 57.5mm
Light Center Length: LCL 27mm
Filament Area: 9.5mm x 10mm
For 230V use 64516
Possible Replacement for QL350 NMAQL350 810923

Kaiser Copy Stand, JCD 64514 120V 300W Halogen CH-302, SUNRAY-2, MINE-II, SUNRAY-3, CH-260, ROLLING-STAR, STARBALL-2, DMX-311X, TETRA, TRACER, CH-310, AGGRESSOR, CH-250, EPSILON, COPTER-SPHERE, VERTIGO, #1001762, 54007, CP/96, Elation, CKL 64514L, H34-410, Ness Derbystar FD-1100, Ness Hip Hop HH-18, Ness Jubilee JB-250, Ness Mercury MR-10, Ness Pizzazz PZ-3, Ness Sound Polaris MFS/300PM, Ness Stardance SD-600, Ness Taurus TR 103/6, Ness Tempo TP-2, Odyssey Double-Bubble, Odyssey Encounter 3 & 5 Light, Replacement for LL-64514, ZB-64514, ZB64514, CH-64514, 54354, Flink 4A, Elinchrom EL 23030, BO23030, Bogen Photo 0046, Modeling Lamp Spotlight, Thorn A1/249, 110V, A1/249UK

Artograph MC250

American DJ

Alpha Moon
Avenger II
Color Flash 4
Cross Flash 4
Cyclone II
Fab 4
Flash Beam
Full Moon 4
Jewel 1, Jewel 2
Luna 4
Mace, Mace II
Mine, Mine II
Progressor II
Razz Ma Tazz, Razz Matazz
Rolling Star, Rolling Star II
Sapphire, Saturn 4
Scotty II
Starball II
Sunray II
Sunray III
Super Jewel
Verti-Pro II


Alien CH-209
Chopper CH-306
Cosmos CH-302
Cosmos 2.0 CH-302A
Cyborg CH-258
Double Derby CH-310
Gyrating Moon CH-230
Kinta DMX-311X
Mini Sphere CH-260
Mushroom CH-250
Octopus CH-204
Starburst CH-211
Tetra CH-214
Tracer CH-210
Triple Derby CH-330

Dynamite Effects Lighting

Mini Mushroom
Moonflower Scanner
Pulse Music MBT ME2200-1 Enticer & ME2100-1 Mushroom Sound Activated
SRL-442 Color Star Ball
SRL-451 Roto Balls
SRL-453 Trio Color Star Ball
SRL-461 Duo Color Star Ball
SRL-475 White Pin Ball
SRL-495 DMX Color Star Ball-X

Eliminator Lighting

E-108, EI64514, EL64514


Modeling Lamp 300W/120V Hal. F/Dig. Se, A3000N, Scanlite


4 Moons ME4400-1
Beehive 2 ME3920-1
Big Dipper II ME3360-1
Cat's Eye ME3300-1
Enticer , ME2200-1
Hurricane ME2003-1
King Tut
Mini-Dancer ME2006-1
Octobeam ME9940-1
Quarter Master ME2004-1
Sky Ray ME3070-1
Tornado ME2005-1
Triple Rascal ME3690-1
Wheelie ME9850-1


Derbystar FD-1100
Hip Hop HH-18
Jubilee JB-250
Mercury MR-10
Pizzazz PZ-3
Sound Polaris MFS/300PM
Stardance SD-600
Taurus TR 103/6
Tempo TP-2


Sunrise SE 401


Bird of Prey LQ-220


Asteroid 2
Encounter 3 & 5 Light
Galaxy 2 Centerpiece LE501
Starblazer System LE313
Sting LE700

DJA-40 Ness Hedgehog

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