CLS/CLG 120V 300W Lamp
CLS/CLG 120V 300W Lamp, Slide Projector Light Bulb

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Wattage: 300W
Voltage: 120V
Filament: C-13, C13
Glass: T-8.5, T8½, Tubular, Opaque Top
Base: SC Bay, Single Contact Bayonet, BA15s
Lumens: 7600
Maximum Overall Length: 4.12"
Maximum Overall Diameter: 1.06"
Light Center Length: 1.38"
Average Rated Life: 25 Hours
Color Temperature: 3200K, 3200°K

Alternate Part Numbers: Tower Projector Lamp #8511, 300T8.5/10 for CLG and 300T8.5/11 for CLS, 300T8½/10, 110V, 115V, PH/300T81/2/11, PH/300T81/2/10, PROJ, CG-81-X, PH300T8.5/10, PH/300T8.5/10, PH/300T8½/10, Eiko 00830, GE 29494, Ushio 1000137, Sylvania 300D1, KEIC 300W-110V, KP-8½

The CLS/CLG lamp listed above has the opaque top.

CLS Opaque Top
CLS Opaque Top
CLG Clear Top
CLG 300W

For 230V Use CNP

Agfa-Gevaert, Inc.



Model P 804720390 / No. 6350

American Optical Corp.

AO-300, Executive 300
Skot, Skat


300, Argus 300 model lll, Argus PBB 300 Projector
56008 Automatic Projector 340 Watt 115 or 120 Volt Lamp 60 Cycle AC
Argus 300 Model 3
Auto 300
Argus 300 model III, 105-125 volts use 300W. C13. T81/2.S.C.115-120 VOLT LAMP. 60 cycle A.C. 340 watts

Bell & Howell

TDC Headliner 303 Slide Projector
Headliner 300 Model 325
TDC Vivid Model 700D

Brumberger Sales Corp.

1319 Slide Projector
1503 8mm Movie Projector

Busch Film and Equipment Co.

Cinesalesman 5 16mm Projector

Eastman Kodak Company

Brownie Model 1, Model I, 16
No. 196
Brownie 300 Model 4


Reflex C-71 Slide and Filmstrip
Cromatic 300, Filmatic C59, C-59

GoldE Manufacturing Company

Slide Projector Model 300-P
Gold E Model 349 Reflex Slide Projector
Manumatic 300-P-1042, 300-P-1043
Blower Cooled Manumatic Slide Projector Model #300P 1042 Max Lamp capacity 300 Watts AC 115 volts 60 cyc AC only 100-300 watt lamp S-300E

Kalart Victor Corporation

Moviematic TM-3, STM-3, STM-3C, TM-3C

Keystone Camera Company Incorporated

C-18, CC-8, J-8, M-8, R-37
K-310, K310


Manoncabimat, Mano Cabimat Slide Projector, Model 12B
Mansfield Midway Slide Projector

Movie-Mite Corp.

Movie Mite, 63L, 63LD, 63LMB, S-53, C-400
MM Supreme S-53, C-55

Neumade (see Kalart Victor)

Moviematic TM-3, STM-3, STM-3C, TM-3C


553 Slide Projector
503, 505 Auto Magazine Slide Projector - 35 mm Bantam 1 1/2 x 1 1/2

Society for Visual Education (SVE)

300B, 300-B Skyline-Deluxe
300 Schoolmaster
B Skyline, C Skyline, D Skyline
Model 52
Skyline Automatic Model 85 Slide Projector

Sears Roebuck

Tower 300

TDC Vivid

Headliner 300, 2CC8
Vivid Model D
Showpak 300, Model 123

TSI-Technical Service, Inc. (see Kalart Victor Corp.)

Duolite ST-3
Moviematic STM-3, TM-3, STM-3C, TM-3C

Viewlex, Inc.

Viewlex AP22C
Viewlex AP33
Viewlex AP55

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