EFP 12V 100W Light Bulb Replacement Lamp
EFP 12V 100W

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Watts: 100W
Volts: 12V
Base: 2-Pin/GZ6.35
Glass: MR16 Dichroic
Life: 50 Hours
LIF Code: A1/231
Color Temperature: 3400°K
Color Rendering Index: 100
Burning Position: S105

A1/231 PROJECTOR LAMP, 64627 HLX, 6834, 12-100-27R, LA 108, 200-140, A6252, FOB 245, #098-145, #6834, 13019, 931.004/6, HLX64627, 64627HLX, NAED 54160, A1/231, A1-231, 3020, Leitz 098-145, Philips 6834, Zeiss 3800-79-9040, 110W, 907202, 931004, 931-004-6, 20-100, Xenophot Photo Optic Lamp, Type 6834 FO, 409737, 54189, Dt GE 12V 100W Germany, 16-532, 8104A, 12VEFP, 5123P, diathermic reflector, Order No. 931004/6, Eumig 931.004, 931.004/6, Thorn Misprint FEP, 931.004-6, Part #200140, 200140, 12 volt, 100 watt tungsten-halogen lamp with diathermic reflector, preheated as an aid to sound recording, Colamp 100 S, 600188, Lampara halogeana de luz fria 12V 100 W, Socket 4459, 720-001-0001-1, Smartscopes, 31488-0, 314880, 931.005/8, Riluma PN161, EYE 84091, JCR12V100W/G1, 54189-0

Acu-Cam, Acucam
Agfa-Gavaert, Inc. 8mm Movector 2000, Gavert, C-66, C66
American DJ Dualcolor
Argus, Inc. Mansfield LSP510, 894, 895Z, 896B, 898Z
Bauer TC-25 Sound, T-520, T-600, T-171, T-200, T-82, T-171, T-192, TR-100, TR-300
Bogen (International) Dichro 66, Dichro 67
Bolex 8mm RP-10Z, 18-3 Duo, 18-9 Duo, SM-8 Sound, SP-8 Sound, 18-3, SP-80, SP8 Special, SP80 Special, SM8, SP-80, SP-80, SM80 Electronic, Promatic, 714, 715, 815, 16mm Movie S-421
Bowen Monolight
Braun 8mm Norimat S, Proximat
CHAMELON Sound active moon flower effect
Chinon IQ 4000GL
DS-300, SP-330, SP-330MV, SP-350, 7000MV, 7500MV, 7800M, 9500MV Twin Track, Twintrack, Twintrak, Auto 300, C200, S, SP, C300, Sound 8
SS1000, SS-1000
Chroma-Pro copy stand
Dance Floor Lighting Retro Beam Model CH-555
Sound 402, CPsound402
New Image Intra View, Multi Cam
Durst M 605 with a colorhead CLS 605
M70 Lumo Color Head

Eastman Kodak Company

Chevron Instamatic-M105-P


VP-D100, ST-600, ST-800, K-100 SM
Elmo HiVision SC-18
K100 SM, K-100SM 8mm projector
K110 SM, K120 SM, K-110SM, K-120SM
ST-180E, ST-600D, ST-180 ETC(S), (R)
S710D, S-710D, S710-D, S-710-D

Eumig (USA), Inc.

604, 510D, 607D, MarkS-710D, Deluxe, 610D, S810D, Deluxe HQS, Mark 807D, Mark 807-D, Mark 510-D, Mark 510-E, Mark 510E
MARK S 710 D, MARK 510 D, MARK 510 E, MARK 710 D, EUMIG 711 AND EUMIG 711 R
MARK S 710D, MARK 510D, MARK 510E, MARK 710D, EUMIG 711 AND EUMIG 711R, Mark 710Z, Mark 710-Z
Eumig 711,711-R, 711R, R-2000, R-3000
S-804D, S-807
S-807D, for 75W Max Verison use the EFN lamp.
822, Sonomatic, 820 Sonomatic, 824
Sonomatic, S-905, S-910, SO and M, 912
S-931 Sound, K-415
624D 614D
Eumig Mark 610 D
Mark S 802 D
Mark S 802 Super-8/Single-8 Sound Projector 12 volt, 100 watt, tungsten-halogen with diathermic reflector, order No. 931.004/6
Eumig S907GL
Eumig S 907 Super 8 Projector C5A
Model 6410 D Dual 8, Standard & Super 8, 6410D
Fujimoto VR70 35mm Enlarger #411484
Fujicascope 8mm model M36 projector, Lucky
Fujucascope M39, MX-50, MX50
Fujicascope SH7-M, SH7M
Fujicascope SH8
Fujicascope SH9
Fujicascope SV75-O
Fujicascope SV80
Fujichrome M39
Hanimex SR9000 Super 8 Video projector
Kavo Optica
LEITZ MR-16 Microscope Illuminator
LPL C7700MX, VC7700, and C6700 enlargers
Lumi Effects Lumi LE-101 Crazy Ray Lighting Effect
Martin Lynx, Voyager, Discovery, Adventurer
Martin DJ Series (Flower Effects) Sweeper
Minolta Color Enlarger II
Minolta 8mm Movie Projector Sound 6000, Sound 7000
NEW DJ Series Lynx 100
New Image Acucam 100, Multicam, Multi-Cam


Binocular Microscope


VCL 60, VCL60


Spectra Microscope


D100, D-100 8mm Movie Projector
Record L100, L-100 8mm Movie Projector


Optica Fiberoptic Unit, Optica Fiber Optic Unit, Opticure, U025-410


LPL 670MXL Dichroic Color and 670VCCE Dichroic Auto Variable Contrast enlargers.


KS-102, KS102, GP-KS102


Microscope Illuminator
Enlarger VR67

Pro Den System


Quatrocheck 2000

Rollei of America Enlarger Nikor Dichroic Color Head, Rolleimat Color Head


Sound 600
8mm Movie Sound 700
Dualux 1000
Dualux-1000-H, 1000H
Dualux-2000H, 2000-H, 2000H


670-Series Dichroic, 670VCCE, 670DXL, 670MXL
Saunders/LPL 670DXL Dichroic, 670VCCE enlargers
Saunders 679 DXL

SCRAMBLER Triangular rotating dichroic head
SmarTec System Intelligent Lighting - Dual-Color Dual color changer heads for a T-bar
Silma Bivox 8mm
Wings Effect Lighting HX - 0027A Satellite
Wings Effect Lighting HX9507 HX-9507W RIPPLE LIGHT
Yashica 8mm Movie P-810, P-820
Yelco 8mm Movie DS-630MS
Yelco LSP510
Yelco P-111Q, P-111-Q Halogen De Luxe 12V100W-Note: Some P-111Q Projectors use the CXR/CXL Lamp
Zeiss Ikon-Voigtlander 8mm Movie 18-9, SP8, P880
ZEISS Microscope Illuminator, Operation Microscope 99 Power Arm
Zeiss Halogen Microscope Bulb Micro Scope

MultiCam (New Image)
Prism (Prodentec)
Proscope 1000 Series (Proden Dentex)
QuickCam 4.1 (Video Dental Concepts) and the older model

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