GE EZT Marc 350/16T Lamp
EZT Lamp

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Wattage: 350W, 350 Watt Watts
Voltage: 45V, 45 Volt Volts DC
Base: Special 2-Pin Plug
Glass: PAR24, PAR76 Dichroic Mirror, PAR-24 (8ths of an inch), PAR-76 (millimeters)
Color Temperature: 5000°K
Average Life: 50 hours based on one hours use per start
Initial Lumens: 50
Working Distance: 52mm, 2.05"
Burn Position: H, Horizontal
Electrodes: Solid Tungsten
Atmosphere: Argon
Lamp Type: Quartz Halogen-High Intensity Arc Projection Lamp, Pulsed Xenon Arc, Gemini, Marc
Socket: High Intensity Arc Lamp Connector LC-1C

Alternate Part Numbers: MARC-350/16T 350W/45V Marc 350/16T MARC-350/16T 39936, Super Intensity, MARC 350-16T EZT, MARC-350/16T (EZT), SCC 00043168399364, UPC 043168399364, ANSI EZT, MARC350, Bell Howell Co. #484290 Lamp, (001) 2F576, lamp, light, bulb, bulbs, lamps, ultra arc, quartz lamps 63 1/2, NSN 6240-21-873-8643


Risk of electrical shock
   Turn power off before inspection,installation or removal
Risk of fire
   Keep combustible material away from lamp
   Use in enclosed fixtures rated for this product
Pressurized lamp-unexpected rupture may cause injury,fire, or property damage
   Do not exceed 110% of rated voltage
   Avoid direct water/liquid contact
   Use in encloded fixtures rated for this product
   Do not use lamp if outer glass is scratched or broken

Risk of burn
   Allow lamp/fixture to cool before handling
   Turn off power before installing lamp
Lamp may shatter and cause injury if broken
   Do not use lamp if outer glass is scratched or broken
   Dispose of lamp in enclosed container.
Should not be operated for periods of less than three minutes.

The GE family of "Marc" and "Gemini" lamps are short arc metal halide products, which were developed during the 1970's specifically for the projection of 16mm films.

They are characterised by the very short arc gap, made possible by operating the lamp at very much higher pressures than would normally be encountered - typically in excess of 50 atmospheres.  All types are intended for DC operation, hence the asymmetric appearance of the arc tube to account for the different electrode sizes.

Despite being made from quartz and with no front glass, a unique feature of these lamps is that they generate no UV output. This is owing to the high concentration of indium bromide in the arc tube, a useful feature of indium being that its vapour absorbs radiations below about 380nm.  Consequently any UV emitted in the arc is absorbed by the indium vapour in the arc tube, and is unable to be transmitted.

The arc tube is mounted axially within a dichroic coated reflector.  This delivers a cool beam of light forward, while allowing some 60% of the heat to escape out the rear of the lamp.  Electrical connection is by means of a special 2-pin plug, asymmetrically designed  to ensure that the correct arc tube polarity is maintained.

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