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BTL $7.14 Donar 500W, 120V, P28s
GE 500W/120V  (Med Pf/P28s) Q500/T6/CL/P
Osram 500W, 120V, P28s, T-6, 3050K, 750 Hours, 11,000 Lumens
BTN $18.74 GE 750W/120V  (Med Pf/P28s) Q750/T7/CL/2P
BTP $19.83 Osram 54688, 750W,120V, Med Pf P28s, Q750/T7/4CL/2P
GE 1000W/120V (Mog Pf/P40s) Q1000T7/CL/MP 54690-3 176-191
120V, 1000W, 54690, P40s Mogul Pre-Focus Base, 500 Hours, 23000 Lumens, T-7 Tubular Clear Glass, 3050°K Color Temperature, Universal Burn Position, MOGD 24mm, MOL 177.8mm, LCL 100mm, Altspot follow spot
GE 1000W, 120V, Mog Pf/P40s, Q1000T7/4CL/MP,
CDM35/T6/830 $25.50
39W, Mastercolor CDM R 35/T6/830, Ceramic Arc Metal Halide, Fadeblock UV Filtering, G12 Bi-Pin Base, Single Ended T-6 Clear Glass
CDM35/TC/830 $43.13
39W MasterColor R Ceramic Metal Halide Lamp, Single Ended G8.5 Base, T4 Clear FadeBlock UV Filtering Glass, Enclosed Luminaires Only, Lifetime Color Stability within ±200°K, Approved for Electronic Ballasts Only, 37372-0, M130/E Ballast, LCL 2", MOL 3-11/32", 9,000 Hour Average Rated Life, 3300 Initial Lumens, 2805 Mean Lumens, CRI 81, 3000°K Color Temperature, Universal Burn Position, 373720-000, Powertone, Hg, Mastercolour, CDM-TC, CDM 35/TC/830, Times Square Lighting SE39V 35W T4, 90352, CMH39/TC/U/830/G8.5, T-4.5/G8.5, 64791, MC39TC/U/G8.5/830, Miniray, T-4 Square Downlight 4" HDSQ74-39E-SATSF, 6"HDSQ76-39E-SATSF, T-4 Square Adjustable Accent Light HASQ74-39E-SATSF Spot, HASQ74-39E-SATSF/FL Flood, HASQ76-39E-SATSF Spot, HASQ76-39E-SATSF/MFL Medium Flood, T-4 Square Wallwash HWSQ74-39E-SATSF, HWSQ76-39E-SATSF
CDM-SA/R 150W/942 UNP $123.58 Philips Ceramic Discharge Metal-Halide, 150W, 4200K, 250mm Cable, Fiber Optic, CRI 96 Ra8, Cool White, 2750 Lumens, 1.8A, 198V Ignition Voltage, Not Dimmable, MOL 106mm, DIA 95.3mm, R30, 6000 Hours, Unversal Burn Position, 928086805303
29698, ConstantColor, PulseArc, CMH Cermaic Metal Halide, T4.5, G8.5 Bi-Pin, 39W, 18000 Hours, Enclosed Fixtures Only, Leed-EB MR Credit-99 Picograms Hg per Mean Lumen Hour, UV Control, 3200 Initial Lumens, 2600 Mean Lumens, 4000K, CRI 88, Universal Burn Position, Warm Up Time 2-3 Minutes, Hot Restrike Time 7 Minutes, MOL 3.37", LCL 2", ANSI C130/M130, MH139 Ballast, 10043168296981, 043168296984
CSD250/2/SE $82.37 GE 27817, CSD 250/2 SE, 250W, CSD250/2/SE/90, T7 Glass, GY9.5 Two Pin Base, Single Ended, 3000 Hours, 18000 Initial Lumens, 15000 Mean Lumens, CBCP 20,000, 9000°K, 9000K, 90V, CRI 65, 3 Minute Warm Up Time, MOL 4.252", LCL2.16", 10043168278178, 0-041368-278171
CSR300/2/TAL $147.77 GE 76160, 300W, PGJX25 Base, High Intensity Discharge, Quartz Metal Halide, T7 Clear Glass, 750 Hours, 23000 Lumens, 7800K, CRI 75, 95V, MOL 6.96", LCL 2.64", GE2005-7888, Universal Burn Position, CE-55, OT727, PG-3
21853, 400w, 70V, High Intensity Discharge, Quartz Metal Halide, Bulb T6, Base GZZ9.5, Wattage 400, Voltage 70, Rated Life (Vert) 750 hrs, Initial Lumens 32000, Nominal Initial Lumens per Watt 80, Color Temperature 6000 K, CIE Color x 0.323, CIE Color y 0.328, Burn Position Universal, Maximum Overall Length (MOL) 4.3300 in (109.9 mm), Bulb Diameter (DIA) 0.406 in (10.3 mm), Light Center Length (LCL) 2.360 in (59.9 mm), GTIN 10043168218532, Standard Package Quantity 10, UPC 043168218535, 0-43168-21853-5, Joker 400-watt HMI par light, HMI400, HMI-400
15378, 575W, 97V, Prefocus Medium 2-Pin GX9.5, T-9 Glass, 49,000 Lumens, 1000 Hours, MOL 4.92"/124.9mm, 7200°K, CRI 80, High Intensity Discharge, Quartz Metal Halide, CIE Color x 0.302, CIE Color y 0.32, Universal burning position, Light Center Length LCL 2.56"/65mm, GTIN 10043168153789, UPC 043168153782, Replaces MSR-575/2
CSR1200/2/SE $116.69 GE 49490, 1200W, 100V, High Intensity Discharge, Quartz Metal Halide, T12, G22/30x53 Bi Post Base, Single Ended, 800 Hours, 110,000 Initial Lumens, 7200°K, CRI 85, Universal Burn Position, MOL 6.9", LCL 3.35", 10043168494905, Krypton 85, 0-043168-494908, Showbiz CSR Metal Halide Lamp
CSR1200/S/DE $129.27
GE 22494, HMI1200/S, 48452, 100V, 1200W, 500 Hours, 110000 Initial Lumens, 99000 Mean Lumens, 6000°K, T6.5, SFc 10-4 Base, MOL 5.71", Burning position horizontal +-15 degrees, CSR1200/S/DE/60
CSR1200/SA $146.84 GE 21849, CSR1200SA, 1200W, G8 Clear Glass, GY22 Indexed BiPost Base, 750 Hours, 100,000 Lumens, 5800K, CRI 75+, 100V, MOL 5.3", DIA 1", LCL 2.32", High Intensity Discharge, Quartz Metal Halide, Arc Length 7.5mm, Universal Burn Position, Daylight, Single Ended, Short Arc
GE 1000W/120V (Mog BiPost/G38) Q1000T7/4CL/BP 54706 42697 200 Hours 28,500 Lumens 3200°K T-7 T7 C-13D Clear
GE 2000W, 120V, Mog BiPost G38, Q2000T10/4CL
GE 120V 1000W E39 Mogul Screw PS52 Q1000PS52/4 39582 28000 Lumens 3200°K CC-8 MOL 13" 750 Hours Altman 154 Scoop, 6-76688
54647 5000W 120V G38 500 Hours 143,000 Lumens  T-17 3200°K Mogul BiPost Q5000T20/4CL C-13 Clear JS120V-5000WC 1000215 93805 54647-4
Hikari 500W, 130V,  RSC, R7s, 118mm, J-2027, J130V500W, CRI 100, 2000 Hours, 3000°K, 10,000 Lumens
$21.60 Osram
120V, 500W, P28s Medium Prefocus
Osram 120V, 750W, P28s Medium Prefocus
GE 500W/120V  (MedBiPost/G22) - Q500T8 
Osram 750W, 120V, G22, T7
GE 750W/120V  (Med BiPost/G22) Q750T7/CL/2P
EGR $18.12 Philips
22563-1 225631 750W 120V Med. Bipost MOL 5.5" LCL 2.5" 21,000 Mean Lumens 150 Hours C-13D 3200°K Clear
EGT $15.60 GE 1000W/120V  (Med BiPost/G22) Q1000T7/4CL QCG81E8-UK Res. #9655640 39191 Medium Bipost 3200°K Clear 250 Hours 28,500 Lumens
Osram 64742 54664 CP/40 1000W 120V G22 500 Hours 26,500 Lumens T-7 3200°K CP/40 64742 NAED 54664, Mole 1K Fresnel
GE 750W/120V  (Med 2-Pin/G9.5) Q750/4CL 39971 300 Hours
EHG $15.09 Osram 120V, 750W, G9.5
EHR $12.20 Osram 58936, 400W/120V  (RSC) Q400T4/CL
Osram 300W/120V RSC, R7s Frosted Q300T3 93703 NAED 54550 54550-3 2000 Hours 5000 Lumens T-3.5 2900°K 114.3mm Long Horizontal Burn Position, 0-31293-02230-1, GE 43704, Q300T2.5
GE 23761 Q800T3/4 800W 240V R7s P2/11 21400 Lumens 3200°K C-8 150 Hours JP240V-800WCF/UA
Sylvania 500W/120V  (Mini-Can Screw/E11) 
GE 41671 Q650PAR36/5 120V 650W 30 Hours 3400°K 25° Beam Spread Horizontal 15° Beam Spread Vertical PAR36 Screw Terminals C-7A Spotlamp
30374 Q1000T5/4 120V 1000W 150 Hours 26,000 Lumens 3200°K T-5 R7s CC-8 Frosted, 53996-0, Apparent lighted length slightly longer than similar clear lamp For 600W Clear Use FCB
GE 1500W/120V RSC Q1500T4/4CL 23841 400 Hours 41,250 Lumens 3200°K T-4 R7s 6.56 Inches 167mm C-8 Clear, Coherent Laser Model 60 Yag, ACTI Products Super V Camera
FEL $16.40 GE 1000w/120v  (Med 2-Pin/G9.5) (CP77) Q1000/4CL
Osram 1000W, 120V, Med 2-Pin G9.5, CP77, Q1000/4CL
Osram 1000W/120V  (RSC) Q1000T6/4CL 54571 27500 Lumens Any Burn Position MOL138.4mm
GE 1000W/120V  (RSC) Q1000T6/4CL 300853 33760 Q1000/T6/4CL Q1000 T6/4CL 33760 T-6 R7s MOL 5.625"/143mm LCL 1"/25.4mm 500 Hours 3200°K CC-8 Clear FER/EHS/DWS Kliegl 1393 Stage Light, For dimmer light and longer life use DWT
GE 200W/120V  (DC Bay/Ba15d)
Osram 200W/120V  (DC Bay/Ba15d)
Q200/4CL/DC-120V 49606 T-4.25 T4¼ 5500 Lumens CC-2V MOL 2.44"/61.9mm MOD .55"/14mm 50 Hours Double Contact Bayonet 15254
GE 2000W/120V RSC Q2000T8/4CL 39790 400 Hours 57,000 Lumens 3200°K T-10 CC-8 Burn position horizontal +-4 degrees Mighty Mole 4091 Q2000TB/4CL
GE 1000W/120V RSC Q1000T3/1CL 33280 400 Hours 26,400 Lumens T-3 R7s C-8 6.56 Inches 167mm Clear 176-182 176182, FAR CYC Model 108-300, Strand Lighting Cycloramas
GE 1000W/120V/FR RSC Q1000T3/4 23792 400 Hours 27300 Lumens 3200°K T3 R7s MOL 4.68"/118mm C-8 043168237925 00043168237925 6240010345596  Burn position horizontal +-4 degrees, Frosted, Apparent lighted length slightly longer than similar clear lamp. 219479, QCG61-M1, 54532-2, FB-CT14, 165-3565, 10-318, P2/29, 7786R/16, Smith Victor 750-SG in K76 4,000-Watt Quartz Professional Studio Kit and K77 2,200-Watt Interview Lighting Kit, Colortran 104-011 Mini-Lite 10, Ushio 1000533, FHM 120V-1000WCF1
Osram 360W/82V  (2-Pin/GY5.3) MR16
GE 575W/115V (Med 2-Pin/G9.5)
Osram 575W/115V  (Med 2-Pin/G9.5)
GE 575W/115V  (Med 2-Pin/G9.5) (HX-601)
FSH $13.20 Osram 125W, 120V, 2-Pin/G5.3, T-3, 200 Hours, 3200°K, 2500 Lumens, CC-8, Clear, CRI 100
Osram 250W/120V  (2-Pin/G5.3)
GE 575W/115V  (Med 2-Pin/G9.5) 1500hr 93428 Q575T6/4CL 13000 Lumens 3050°K T-6 G9.5 C13D C-13D, HX-603, HX603, 36915, Altman 360Q Super-Reflector CC-13D 37404 Rugged Filament Design
$20.40 Philips
115V 575W 6992P Compact Source Halogen Broadway Lamps G9,5 518941-25 294322  29432-2 MOL 3.97" LCL 2.38" 1500 Hours 3100°K Clear
GE/Thorn 75017, 575W, 115V, Med 2-Pin G9.5, 400 Hours
GLC $14.88 Osram 115V, 575W, G9.5
$18.54 Osram 54523, GLE 750/115/1500, Leo Elipso Model 15-0BP 750W, Q750T6/4CL, Bulb T6, Base Medium 2-Pin G9.5, Filament C-13D, 115V,Average Rated Life 1500 Hours, Initial Lumens 17400, Color Temperature 3050°K, Universal Burning Position, Maximum Overall Length MOL 4.1"/104.1mm, Light Center Length LCL 2.37"/60.1mm, 92773, GLE Q750T6/4CL, GTIN 10043168927731, UPC 043168927734
88426, 750W, 115V, G9.5, 92773, T-6, Q750T6/4CL, 17,400 Lumens, 3050°K, C-13D, MOL 4.1", LCL 2.37", 1500 Hours
HBO 50W/AC L1 $95.04 Osram 69213, 50W, 39-45V, 1.3A, 2000 Lumens, 40 Lumens per Watt, 230 CD, 30,000 CD/CM², L1: 1.3, 100 Hours, Burn Position S45 Vertical ±45°, MOL 53mm, LCL 22mm
HBO 50W/AC L-2 $92.40 Osram 69214, HBO50W/ACL-2, HBO 50W/2, 50W, Zeiss Microscope, SFa6-2 Base, 34-39V, 42V, 100 Hours, 2000 Lumens, 230 CD, 30,000 CD/CM², L2: 1.46, Clear, Burn Position s45 anode, MOL 2.087"/53mm, LCL .866"/22mm, HBO 50W/AC/L2, Mercury Short Arc, Zeiss Axiovert 100M, USH-50AC2, Zeiss 9110015, Olympus CK40 CK-40 Inverted Microscope
HBO 103W/2 $99.36 Osram 69182, Olympus Microscope BX-51, 21301, DC Current, 100W, 23V, 4.3A, 3000 Lumens, CD 300, CD/CM² 170,000, 300 Hours, S90 Burn Position, SFa7,5-2 SFa9-2 Base, Mercury Short Arc, Mercury Discharge Lamp, MOL 90mm, Microscope Illuminator, Leitz LH100Z, Leitz LH102Z (500-138), Olympus BHRFL, Olympus BH2RFL, Olympus IMT2RFL (8-B192), Zeiss 3800-18-4060, Ushio USH103DH, Olympus BX 51/DP70
HBO200W/2/L2 $158.40 Osram 69222, AC, 200W, L1: 53±4V, L1: 4.2A, 10,000 Lumens, 50 Lumen Per Watt, 1000 CD, 40,000 CD/CM², Arc .6x2.2
HBO200W/DC/TM $176.88 Osram 69163 HBO 200W
Osram HMI1200W/GS (Double Ended) UMI1200/GS UMI1200W/GS
HMI-1200W/S $123.42 Osram HMI1200W/S, 1200W, 100V, 13.8A, 5kV Cold Ignition Voltage, 35kV Hot Ignition Voltage, 45kV Maximum Ignition Voltage, 110,000 Lumens, 6000°K, CRI >90, 7mm Arc Gap, MOL 136mm, LCL 57.5mm, 750 Hours Average Rated Life, SFc 10-4 w/Notch Base, Universal Burn Position, HTI1200W/D7/60
Osram HMI1200W/SE Single Ended 
GE CSR1200SEHR G38 48464 100V 1200W 750 Hours 110,000 Initial Lumens 99,000 Mean Lumens 6000°K T-13 MOL 7.87"/200mm LCL 4.21" UPC 043168484640 Enclosed fixture only per UL standard 1572
CSR12000/SE 48468 CSR12000/SE/HR 160V 12000W 250 Hours 1100000 Initial Lumens 990000 Mean Lumens 6000°K T32 G38 MOL 17.72", Lycian StarkLite Model 1271, StarkLite II Model 1272
HMI 250 W/SE 250W Single Ended FAX1.5 Metal Halide Lamp 50V 6000K 250 Hours 270W F2X Joker Bug and Mole/Richardson, Sachtler Portable HMI
Osram HMI2500W/GS (Double Ended)
HMI2500W/S Short 5600°K 240,000 Lumens 500 Hours
Osram HMI2500W/SE Single Ended CSR2500SEHR NAED Code 54070-0 HMI 2500 W/SE G38 190-86A-01-1D Metal Halide Display/Optic Lamp HMI XS A19086A011D 4-050300-284293 4050300284293 Arc tube filling gas contains Kr-85
Osram 54064, HMI575W/GS Double Ended
Osram HMI575W/SE Single Ended, Lycian Midget HP Model 1209, Hot Restrike CSR575SE/HR 48463 CSR575/SE/HR 95V 750 Hours 48000 Initial Lumens 43200 Mean Lumens 6000°K T9.5 G22 MOL 5.71"
CSR6000/SE 48467 CSR6000/SE/HR 130V 6000W 300 Hours 540000 Initial Lumens 486000 Mean Lumens 6000°K T26.5 G38 MOL 14.17" 
HPL550/77/X $16.40 Osram 54604, 2-Pin Special Base, 550W, 77V, 16170 Lumens, 3265°K, T-6, 4-C8 Filament, MOL 4.17", 300 Hours
HPL575/115V $17.33 GE HPL575/115V, (2-Pin Special), 575W, 92431, HPL575/C115V, 300 Hours, 16500 Lumens, 3200°K, T6, MOL 4.2", 4C-8, Thorn 37143, HPL575-C
HPL575C/120V $17.33
88436, 120V 575W 92433 HPL575/C 300 Hours 16520 Lumens 3200°K T6 MOL 4.2" 4C-8 
HPL575/LL/120V $17.33 GE
120V 575W Long Life 92435 HPL575/LL/C-120V 2000 Hours 12360 Lumens 3050°K T6 MOL 4.2" 4C-8
Osram 750W 115V 2-Pin Special JS115V-750WC 54602-4 Ultra Plus 1000675 G9.5 Special Base, T-6 T6 Glass, 750/115 37823 UCF 21,900 Lumens, 300 Hours, 3,265°K
Osram 54611, 750W, 115V, Long Life
HPL750/115V $18.98
750W 115V Special Two Pin Base 92432 HPL750/C-115V 300 Hours 22000 Lumens 3200°K T6 MOL 4.17" 4C-8
HPL750/LL/115V $18.98 GE
750W 115V Special Two Pin Base Long Life 92770 HPL750/LL/C-115V 1500 Hours 16400 Lumens 3050°K T6 MOL 4.17" 4C-8 
Osram HTI-150W/90V
Osram HTI-152W/SE Single Ended, Martin Robo III, Martin Robocolor III
Osram 300W/100V (SFc10-4/Double-Ended)
Osram 400W/55V Proxima nVue AmPro UltraBeam Metal Halide Photo Optic Lamp 5600°K 250 Hours 54083 7.3A 24mm Typical Working Distance Highly Efficient Lighting using Dichroic Focusing Reflectors, Lycian Superarc 400, Omniprint Alternate Light Source 104802
Thorn 400w/115V  (Med 2-Pin/G9.5)  3200K-300hr Clear 35392 115/120V HX400, Possible substitute for the Atline 25-9001 350W QFL350, QFL-350
JVC120V-1200WCH/UA $32.63 Ushio 1000972, 120V, 1200W, G9.5 Bi Pin Base, MOL 104mm, CC-8 Filament, 33,000 Lumens, 200 Hours, T22mm Clear Glass, LCL 60.3mm, 3250°K, Universal Burn Position
$495.00 LTI
5/16-18UNC-2A, 2110009, 1550W, 23V, 65A, 60,000 Lumens, Minimum Amperage 50A, Maximum Amperage 70A, Ignition Voltage 33kV, Minimum Open Circuit Voltage 65/75V, Cooling Minimum Air Flow 20 feet per second, Vertical Position +/- 20°, Horizontal Position +/- 20°, Average Rated Life Vertical or Horizontal 1500 Hours, Diameter 46mm, Maximum Overall Length 235mm, Light Center Length 95mm, Anode (+) Base Diameter 27mm, Anode Pin Diameter 11mm, Cathode (-) Base Diameter 27mm, Cathode Pin Diameter 8mm, Arc Gap 4mm, Strong Super Trouper-Xenon 1600W,  Lighting Technologies International, Specification Sheet
MH70W/G12/3K $16.00
MH70/G12/WDL, CDM70/T6/830, CDMT70/830 70W G12 Bi-Pin Metal Halide M139/E Ballast Clear Fadeblock LCL 2.22" MOL 4.38" 8000 Hours MH-G12 MH70/G12/3K M98/E MH70W/G12/3K 12000 Lumens UV Stop Quartz Arc-Tube MH70/G12/WDL MH70W/G12/WDL MH03 MH 70/G12/WDL 3000K UV Block 25x110mm High CRI  Axial Arc CMD70/T6/830
MH70W/G12/Blue $18.00
Kandolite Metal Halide, 70W, G12, MOL 110mm, Blue without the need for filters, 5500 Lumens
MH70W/G12/Green $18.00 Kandolite Metal Halide, 70W, G12, MOL 110mm, Blue without the need for filters, 5500 Lumens
MH70W/G12/Magneta $18.00 Kandolite Metal Halide, 70W, G12, MOL 110mm, Blue without the need for filters, 5500 Lumens
Philips 200W/68V  (2 Pin Pf/GY9.5) 2000hr
MSD250, 250W, 90V, 6700K
Philips 250W, 90V, 2 Pin Pf/GY9.5, 3000 Hour
Philips MSD575, 575W, 95V, Med 2-Pin/GX9.5
Philips 1200W/90V 800hr 28695-5 286955 13.8A 105,000 Lumens 10mm Arc 85 CRI 7200°K G22/30x53
Philips 1200W/100V (G38) 800hr
MSR-200/HR $129.74 Philips MSR200HR, 32466-5, 24499-6, MSR200/HR
Philips 2500W/115V (G38) 500hr, Lycian SuperStar 2.5 Model 1279
Philips 400W/70V   (Med 2-Pin/GX9.5)) 650hr
Philips 4000W/200V (G38) 500hr
Philips 575W 95V 6.95A G22 Medium Bi-Post Base Single Ended Gas Discharge 31160-5 311605 49,000 Initial Lumens 750 Hours at 3.5 Hours on and .5 Hours off at 95V Higher Voltage and/or Shorter Cycles Shorten Life, 7mm Arc Length, CRI 95, 6000°K, 9280 977 05107 Broadway Metal Halide Hot Restrike, Lamp must be used in fixtures designed for Hot Restrike

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