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Some of these bulbs are not purchased directly from the manufacturer. We purchased these bulbs from auctions and businesses that discontinued selling bulbs or went out of business. All are new and most are in original display boxes. Some of the boxes may be ragged or missing, but the lamps are guaranteed new. Most of the lamps are GE or Sylvania brand. Some of these lamps are other brands like 3M, Apollo, Avigo, Bell & Howell, BIAI, Brooks Equipment Company, CEW, Chicago Miniature, Colortran, Cool-Lux, Crest, Damar, Dukane, Durst, Eiki, Eiko, Eveready, EYE, Filmo, Focus, GOKO, HIT Hoffman, Kaiser, Kalimar, Kando, Kandolite, Ken-Rad, Kondo, Lamco, Lucas, Micro Lamps, Inc., Narva, Norelco, Olson, Olympus, Omega, Orion, Oshino Lamps, Osram, P&B, Pelican Products, Inc., Philips, Ponder & Best, Prism, Radiac, Radiant, Radion, RCA, Riluma, Rival, Sifang, Stanley, Star Headlight & Lantern Company, Sunpak, Sunray Lighting, Tensor, Thorn, TP Hi-Lite, Tungsram, Ushio, Wagner, Westinghouse, Wiko and Wotan. If you have an inventory of new bulbs you no longer need, let me know and I will make you an offer for them.
WA-00110 00110-U For 63500, 63501, 64000, 64001, 66001, 67001, 68500, 68501, 69501, 69502 WA11 WA-04700 Laryngoscopes
WA-00400 00400-U 4 Used in 40420, 63502, 63503, 63504, 64002, 64003, 64004, 66002, 66003, 66004, 67002, 67003, 67004, 69503, 69504 Ushio 8000002 2.5V 10-71906 Laryngoscopes Welch Allyn
00600 WA-00600-U, 2.5V, 4x15mm, Welch Allyn 30800 Sigmoidoscope Anoscope, .32A, .8A, SM-00600, 8000003
12V 55W H1 T-3½ P14.5S Base 123 MSCP C-8 150 Hours Halogen 64150 37R-00630 12258/99 Philips E1 M1 GEH112V55W Fits a 420 Beacon Light Bar made by Code 3 Inc. SAE W3 97 W5-1 98.  This is a magnetic Light Bar that is mounted on top on a vehicle. Code 3 420 Beacon Light Bar Assy., Dr. G. Fischer Autolicht 1255, Artemide Tizio
Eiko, 12V, 100W, H1, T-3.5, P14.5S, 147 MSCP, C-8, 100 Hours
12V 55W H2 T3½ X511 Base 123 MSCP 225 Hours, Cibe Headlights
H3, 6V, 55W, 40130, PK22s Prefocused Flanged Base, T3.5 Glass, MOL 1.65"/41.9mm, MOD .45"/11.5mm, 150 Hours, Halogen, MSCP 84, 2 Million Candle Power Hand Held Spot Light, VEC117
01007 H3 55W 12V T3.5 PK22s 115 MSCP CC-6 150 Hours Vehicle Medical JA12V-55WD/H3 JA12V-55WD/IP/H3 Osram 64151 12336 Narva 48321
H3 24V 70W T3½ PK22s Base 139 MSCP CC-6 150 Hours Halogen 40134 64156 CNC 31415 PA Flat Terminal  T3.25 Philips 13336, ORION 50350.0.H3 50350.0H3, Work lights for Machining Center Deckel Milling Machine FP4NC H324V70W Matsurra MC800-VF, 50350.0H3 Ordion, H370W24V, BP-24V70WH3, BP-2470H3, LIN?ST522981, 1012311593
12V 60/55W H4/T-5 P43T Base Vehicle Medical 131/80 MSCP C-8/C-8 MOL 3.62 Inches 92mm 150/300 Hours Halogen DOT
H4, 24V, 75/70W, P43t, T5, 50450, 27342, Osram 64196, R2, Osram 64199, Philips 13342 HD, E1, 2C7 U, NSN 6240-01-315-9303, 6240013159303, 94690-991, Caterpillar 9X3465 for Caterpillar Articulated Dump Truck, Asphalt Paver, Paving Compactor Model: D250E, AP-600D, AP-655C, AP-655D, AP500E, AP555E, BG-2255C, BG500E, BG555E, CP-433C, 2117560, 2U4800, P43T38, 9X-3465
01011 H3, 6V, 35W
01013 H3, 12V, 75W, T3.5, PK22s
12V 100W H3 T-3½ PK22S Base 191 MSCP C-6 100 Hours, Power on Board Sport Spot Rechargeable Spotlight
H4, 12V, 100/90W, 100W/90W, P43T, 12V/12V, 191/151 MSCP, C-8/C-8, MOL 3.62"/92mm, MOD .65"/16.5mm, 100/200 Hours, DOT certified, Halogen, T-5, Medical Vehicle, 40142, Delisted, 12569, F417, Thor-X, 1,000,000 CP
12/12V 100/55W H4 T-5 P43T 40144 191/80 MSCP C-8/C-8 MOL 3.62"/92mm 100/200 Hours Halogen
12V 100/80W H4 T-5 P43T Base 175/135 MSCP 100/200 Hours
24V 70W H1 T3.5 P14.5s 016498 L01656 Hello Junior Beacon T/H24/O S/H24/O Hella Lightbar SRH-24-O-050 SRH-24-O-100 SRH-24-O-140 550200 Premier Hazard Rotating Beacon 390 391 392 394 395 880 880BM 880M 668-H 668-BM 668-M HL78115 GR466 466 ABD466 16387 OS448TS Truckstar  48702BL Mini Beacon P/H24/O S/H24/O Maxi Beacon 466PR 9240 064 20502 200 Hours 63.5mm Long  Art.No. 80.021 EAN Code 4013790312051 Navigator 180 Dual Beam Driving Lamp Navigator 220 Dual Beam Driving Lamp 23793 0055 13258 24-070-58 50320-1 UVS 14.160.127 14160127 40150 Tungsram 50320 37RE1
01031 H3, 12V, 35W, Au-lite H3 12V30W-N R703, 12V35W-N
WA-01800, 18, Welch Allyn, 2.5V
WA-023 02300-U 12900 2.5V Ophthalmoscope WA23 99-5010
WA-033 2.5V 1.65W .66A Halogen-Krypton 3025°K 20 Hours 03300-U Ophthalmoscope 11511, 11500 99-5016
04800 WA04800-U, 2.5V, .28A, .7W, Large Frosted Conventional Standard Laryngoscope Lamp, MOL .75", MOD .221", 8-32 UNC 2A Thread, 20 Hour, Nickel Plated Vacuum, TL-1½
WA-06200-U, WA06200U, WA06200, 06200U, 1656, Audio Scope, 3.5V, .63A, 80 Hours, TL-1-1/2, Nickel Plated, Xenon
09800 Donar, 09800-U, 21W, Video Colposcope

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