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14 2.47V, .3A, G3.5 Globe, E10 Miniature Screw
1403 Hand Lantern, 4.9V, .3A, E10, T3, 1.47W
1406 6V, .04A, T3.5, BA9s
1408 GE 27179, 10V, .13A, 1.3W, BA9s Miniature Bayonet Base, T3.25 Clear Glass, 10.68 Lumens, C-2V Filament, MOL 1.19", MOD .43", 250 Hours, LCL .63", .85 MSCP, GE1408
12V, .46A, T4.5, BA9s Miniature Bayonet Base, Clear
BA9s, T4.5, 12.8V, .8A, 10.24W, 44340
1423 2.4V, BA15s, S6, Clear, 2.21A, 5000 Hour, 5.3W
14V, E10
1434 GE 27193, T-5, Instrument-Silver Contact, 3.7V, 10W, S.C. Bayonet, C-6, Lighted Center Length 1.12", Maximum Overall Length 1.75", 100 Hours
1.25V, .6A, .75W, E10 Miniature Screw Base, G3.5 Clear Globe Glass, Special Service
G3.5 Glass, BA9s Base, 14.4V, .135A, 1.94W, .7 MSCP, C-2V, MOL .94", 2000 Hours, G-1445
1448 24V, .034A, 34mA, E10 Miniature Screw Base, G3.5 Clear Globe Glass, MOD 11.7mm, .84W, C-2V Filament, MOL 23.88mm, .3 MSCP, .3CP, .04A, LCL 18.29mm, 3000 Hours, 1935 Antique Radio
40276, 14V, .2A, 2.8W, 2 MSCP, C-2V, MOL .94"/23.9mm, MOD .43"/11mm, 250 Hours, G3.5 Glass, Miniature Screw
49624 24V .035 MSCP .23 C-2F MOL .94"/23.9mm MOD .43"/11mm 3000 Hours G-3.5 G3½ BA9s Miniature Bayonet
1450X Eiko 49031, 14V .357A 5000 Hours, T3-1/4, Wedge Base, Xenon
1460 GE1460 CM1460 E1460 JKL1460 S1460 6.5V 6V 2.75A 23 MSCP C-6 100 Hours S-8 Double Contact Prefocus 31-35-47, American Optical A0-579 Illuminator, Leica 13410311, Bausch & Lomb Cat. No. 31-35-47, American Optical Cat. No. 369, Reichert 650
6.5V 2.75A 17.88W S-8 DC Prefocus Base 23 MSCP C-6 MOL 2" 100 Hours Silver Contacts 31-31-75 37342
1464 22V, .25A, BA9s G-5 Clear Glass
BA9s, 2.5V, G3.5, .3A, .75W
CEC, S-8, P30d, 6V, 4.5A, 27W, 30 MSCP, C-2R, MOL 2", 500 Hours
Eiko, S-8, P30d, 6V, 4.5A, 27W, 30 MSCP, C-2R, MOL 2", 500 Hours, Silver Contacts
Eiko 40278, 7V, .43A, 3W, T3.25 Clear Glass, W2.1x9.5d Wedge Base, C-2R Filament, MOL 1.06"/26.9mm, MOD .4"/10.2mm, 1500 Hours 2 MSCP
14V .17A 2.38W, E10
1477 24V, .17A, 4.08W, E10 Miniature Screw, T3 Clear Glass, DIA .37", MOL 1.19", MSCP 3.3, 250 Hours, C-2V Filament, LCL .81", 41 Lumens, Eiko 40282, GE1477
1480 18V, .17A, 3.06W, Indicator, E12 Candelabra Screw, Clear
14V, .15A, 2.1W, E10, T3, Clear, Special Service
1482 6V, E10 Miniature Screw, G4.5 Clear Glass, PL1482, Bicycle Headlamp, 2.2CP, .45A, 2.7W, C-2R Filament, 100 Hours, LCL .9375", MOL 1.0625"
25V, .20A, 5W, Special Service, Clear, BA9s, T4.5
1487 14V, .2A, E10, T3.5
1488 14V, .15A, BA9s, T3.25
1489 6.5V, 17.88W, BA15s, T-5, C-6, 6.5-018-04, 71-71-41, 2.75A, SC Bayonet Base, 24 MSCP, MOL 1.49"/37.9mm, MOD .65"/16.5mm, 125 Hours, 40407, NSN 6240-00-635-6069, Shoot The Bear Arcade Machine Gun Light
6.5V, 2.75A, 17.88W, Instrument, Outside Frost, BA15s
149 GE 15731, 6.15V, 3W, T3.25 Clear Glass, W2.1x9.5d Wedge Base,C-2R Filament, 15 Hours, 44 Lumens, 4CP, 4 MSCP, MOL 1.06", DIA .406", LCL .56", .53A
GE1490 3.2V .16A T3.25 Miniature Bayonet Base .2 MSCP C-2R MOL 1.19" 3000 Hours BA9s
1491 GE1491, BA15d, Hand Lantern, G-8 1" Diameter Glass, 2.4V, .8A, S-2 Filament, 75 Hours, Light Center Length 7/8", Maximum Overall Length 1-3/4", 2 Number 6 Batteries
1493 6.5V, 17.88W, BA15d, S-8
1494 E10, G6, 25V, .3A, 7.5W, 500 Hours
T4 1/2, M BAY, 28.0V, .3A, 6CP, T-4.5, Bulb Diameter 9/16"/14mm, BA9s, 28V, 8.4W, MSCP 6, C-2F, MOL 1.38"/35mm, LCL .63"/16mm, 500 Hours
Aircraft, 28V, .30A, BA9s Miniature Bayonet Base, 6240-00-226-8742, C-2F, 500 Hours, T4.5
1495X GE 81678, 28V, 6CP, BA9s
1497 6V, 23CP, BA15d, S-8 Clear Glass, C-6 Filament, 6V32CP, PL1497, 6240-00-968-9274
14F 2.47V, .3A, G3.5 Frosted Glass, E10 Miniature Screw Base, C-2R Filament, 6 Lumens, MOL .94"/23.9mm, MOD .43"/11mm, 15 Hours, LCL .72"/18.3mm

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