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Some of these bulbs are not purchased directly from the manufacturer. We purchased these bulbs from auctions and businesses that discontinued selling bulbs or went out of business. All are new and most are in original display boxes. Some of the boxes may be ragged or missing, but the lamps are guaranteed new. Most of the lamps are GE or Sylvania brand. Some of these lamps are other brands like 3M, Apollo, Avigo, Bell & Howell, BIAI, Brooks Equipment Company, CEW, Chicago Miniature, Colortran, Cool-Lux, Crest, Damar, Dukane, Durst, Eiki, Eiko, Eveready, EYE, Filmo, Focus, GOKO, HIT Hoffman, Kaiser, Kalimar, Kando, Kandolite, Ken-Rad, Kondo, Lamco, Lucas, Micro Lamps, Inc., Narva, Norelco, Olson, Olympus, Omega, Orion, Oshino Lamps, Osram, P&B, Pelican Products, Inc., Philips, Ponder & Best, Prism, Radiac, Radiant, Radion, RCA, Riluma, Rival, Sifang, Stanley, Star Headlight & Lantern Company, Sunpak, Sunray Lighting, Tensor, Thorn, TP Hi-Lite, Tungsram, Ushio, Wagner, Westinghouse, Wiko and Wotan. If you have an inventory of new bulbs you no longer need, let me know and I will make you an offer for them.
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28V, .71A, 21CP, C-2V Filament, 20W, MOL 2", MOD 1", LCL 1.12", 27032, BA15s Single Contact Bayonet, S8 Clear Glass, 40232, 400 Hours, NSN 6240-00-924-7523, 6240009247523, HTS 8539.29.2500  
1204 75¢ JKL 1204, JKL1204, BA15d, 28V, 21CP, 20W, S8, S-8
1205, SX15d, RP11, 27.5V
1208, 24V, 32/32CP, Auto, P30d, RP11
1209 $3.00 6.1V 23.97W 4A 125 Hours 6V 32 CP Auto Spotlamp, RP11, P30s, 27040, Burn Base Down to Horizontal, Unity Spotlight
120MB 70¢ 120V, 3W, .025A, Incadescent, BA9S, S120MB, S-120-MB, Substitute for 967 & 8-967, 34503, 0-46135-34503-6, 6240-01-431-9438, 120MB34503, SPM4A408V6340, CM120MB, 120MB34503, 6240-00-939-7859
120MB/6 70¢ 120V, .052A, 6W, T2.5 Clear Glass, BA9s Miniature Bayonet Base, Eiko 44022, Sylvania 345130, 120MB/6W, 17.98 Lumens, CC-7A Filament, MOL 1.19", DIA .33", 3000 Hours, 1.43 MSCP  
$1.00 120V, BA9s Miniature Bayonet, 40225, 18K Ohm Internal Resistance, 10,000 Hours, MOL 1.19", MOD .38", T-3 Glass, .004A
120PS $1.00 345290 120V .02A 2.4W Wire Terminals
120PSB $1.26 120PSB5 Teleslide 120V 3W TS5 Slide Base 5 Code 345570 120PSB5 40230 50N8225  
120PSB5-NEON $1.00 120V, .0035A, Slide Base 5, TS5, Neon with 18K Resistor  
120RC $2.00 Eiko 40253, 120V, CC-7A Filament, E12 Candelabra Screw Base, MOL 1.22"/31mm, MOD .91"/23.1mm, T-2 Glass, Special Reflector, .025A, 3W, 1000EFC  
1210X $1.31 12V, .833A, 10W, T3.25 W2.1x9.5d Wedge Base, Xenon, T3.25 Clear Glass, C-2V Filament, 10 MSCP Candlepower, 49015, MOL 1.06"/26.9mm, MOD .4"/10.2mm  
1224-GE $3.00 27044, 34V, .16A, 5.44W, BA15d, G-6 Clear Glass, Marine, 3.8CP, C-2F Filament, 275 Hours, LCL 11/16", MOL 1-7/16" 50
1224K $3.00 32V, .16A, G-6 Glass, E12 Candelabra Screw Base 50
1226 $8.00 32V, 6CP, Marine, BA15d Double Contact Bayonet Base, G-8 .94" Diameter Clear Glass, C-2V Supported Filament, .21A, 6.7W, 150 Hours, Interior Running Light, LCL .875", MOL 1.75" 101
12270-43 $5.00 Neon Glow, Wire Leads Base, 25,000 Hours, 120V, 15K External Resistance Required, T2 Clear Glass, .04W, MOL 1.062", 6240-00-893-4799 1
1228 $3.00 34V, 15.3W, BA15d, S-8  
E10, G3.5, Flashlight with 1 "D" Cell or 1 "C" Cell, 1.25V design volts, 1.2V rated volts, .1C, .3A, .375W, S-6 Filament, 10 Hours, LCL 5/8", MOL 15/16", Pink Bead Color, Toy Lamp, Nipole 35mm Slide Viewer
32V, Burn Base Down to Horizontal, BA15d, RP11, .55A, 17.6W, 21CP
28V, .75A, 21W, Special Service, BA15d, S8, White
28V, .71A, 19.88W, 233, Silver Back, Frosted Front, Special Service, BA15s, S8
T-3.25, Miniature Wedge Base, 14V, .27A, 3.78W, 1.5 MSCP, C-2F, MOL 1.06", 5000 Hours
32V 3.5A 32-112-67 G16 1/2 DC PREF  
1241 White BA15d
Philips, P21W, 12V, 21W, 12V21W, E1, 2CH, France, K13, P21WPHILIPS12V21W
1250X-2 81¢ 13.5V, .37A, 5W, 2000 Hour, Xenon, T3.25 Clear Glass, W2.1x9.5d Wedge Base, 4 MSCP, 49023, 50 Lumens, C-2V Filament, MOL 1.06"/26.9mm, MOD .4"/10.2mm
1250X-5 $1.00 13.5V, .37A, 5W, 5000 Hour, Xenon, T3.25 Clear Glass, W2.1x9.5d Wedge Base, 38 Lumens  
28V .23A 3CP 40242 G6 Glass BA15s Single Contact Bayonet Base, C-6/C-6 Series Filament, MOL 1.44"/36.6mm LCL MOL .75"/19.1mm LCL .75"/19.1mm 2000 Hours, 6240-00-019-0877, DLA 400-81-F-3696, Mazda 24-28V, Auto-Tank Indicator, G-6 Clear Bulb, S C Base
1252 63¢ SR1252, GE1252, BA15d, 28V, 6.44W, G-6, 27097, Auto, Two identical supported filaments in series, 3CP, .23A, 2C-2V, 2000 Hours, LCL .75", MOL 1.44", CM1252
1255/H7 $3.00 Wagner, 12V, 55W, H7, High/Low Beam, BP1255/H7, 04272393307, Halogen, Made in Germany
127 $2.00 2.47V .275A SR127 Milton-Bradley Simon Game, GE127, Wedge Base
40246, 12.5V, 3A, 37.5W, C-6, MOL 2"/50.8mm, MOD 1.04"/26.4mm, 200 Hours Average Rated Life, S-8 Clear Glass, BA15s Single Contact Bayonet Base, LCL 1.25"/31.8mm, MSCP 50, 50CP
1295NA 83¢ GE 22523, 12.5V, 38W, BA15s Single Contact Bayonet Base, S8 Natural Amber Glass, C-2R Filament, 200 Hours, Gas Filled, Parking, Turn Signal, Front, 37CD, 465 Lumens, LCL 12.5", MOL 2", MOD 1"  
12972 $5.00 Philips, H7, 12V, 55W, Halogen, UV Block, PX26d Base, Made in Germany 2
12V, Telephone
12B $6.00 W.E.CO., III-48, E26 Medium Screw Base, T-7 .875" Diameter Tubular Clear Glass, S3A Filament 1
12C 72¢ 12V, Slide Number 3  
BA9s Miniature Bayonet 12V 40220 C-2F Filament MOL 1.19"/30.2mm MOD .33"/8.4mm 12,000 Hours T-2.5 Glass
12PSB $2.00
12PSB5 40222 12V .17A MSCP 2000EFC C-2F MOL 1.11"/28.2mm MOD .27"/6.9mm 12,000 Hours T-2 T2 Slide Base 5
$1.25 12V, .17A, E12 Candelabra Screw Base, Reflector
12S6/10-250V $3.00 Sylvania 16718-0, 12W, 250V, S-6 Clear Glass, E12 Candelabra Screw Base, 1500 Hours at 250V-7900 Hours at 220V, S7812, MOL 1.87", MOD .75", 61 Lumens, 2850K, CRI 100 42
12VFL $5.00 15W 12V BA15s Flood

*In stock-we always keep plenty of this item in stock and can order more if needed. With the miniature lamps this usually means at least 100 pieces in stock and with more popular lamps we may have thousands in stock.

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