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110453-001 Lamp Assembly, 6240-00-523-3618, 4481, Hawads Light Source Assembly
110681-203 2.4V, T1.25, Wire Leads
11-170 5V, .6A, 3W, G5.5 Clear Globe Glass, BA15d Double Contact Bayonet Base, 5V0.6A, MT11-170
112 ML-112 ML-0112 GTL-3 E10 Miniature Screw 1.2V 22mA 40168 .25A S-2 MOL .93"/23.6mm MOD .38"/9.6mm 5 Hours for 1-AA Cell Battery TL-3 Bulb 1158 0-33268-00112-0 033268001120 "Handy Key Lite" Flashlight & Key Chain
1122 GE 18271, 27561, P21/4W, BAZ15d, 1122F, 12VP21/4W, E1, 2DR, 12V, 4W, S-8 Clear Glass
1124 12V, 32/32CP, BA15d Double Contact Bayonet Base, RP-11 RP-35 Clear Glass
UVP+, 8A5-13, 5.2 @ 19.2
1129 BA15s, 6.4V, 16.83W, S-8, 2.63A
1.3V, .22A, .286W, Flashlight
6.4V, 2.63A, S-8 Glass, BA15d Double Contact Bayonet Base, 21 MSCP, C-6, MOL 2", MOD 1.04", 200 Hours, 6420-00-155-8694
1133 Inside Frost, BA15s, RP11
1134 BA15d 6.2V 3.91A 24.24W RP-11 RP11 CEC1134 S1134 Burn Lamp Base Down to Horiz., Marantz mod. 15 amplifier, Zip-O-Matic 101, Marantz Model 15
1136 9V 18 CP 18C.P. BA15d
1137 GE, 12.8V, 2.34A, 30W, Aircraft Signal, 3 C-6 Filaments, BA15s Single Contact Bayonet Base, S-8 1" Diameter Clear Glass, 50 Hours
GE, Flashlight, 1.2V, .2A, E10, TL-3
114041 Ritter, 17.3V, 92W, GY9.5
1141 BA15s, 12.8V, 18.4W, S-8, C-6, 1000 Hours, 21CP, Q76376, SAP, NAED, 11417AM, Autolamp, 12V, Q96376, GE1141, Alfa Motorhome-Founder, Focus Industries AL-14, Landscape Lights, T1411, 12V21CP, 0-42723-40011-8, Malibu ML18WB2C, 12V18W, 18W, GE 26903, 21CD, 264 Lumens, Rear Turn Signal, Back Up, Cornering, High Mount Stop, General Instrument, License Plate, Map, Step/Courtesy, Stop, Front Turn Signal, LCL 1.25", MOD 1", MOL 2"
364010, Amber
1141IF 1141/IF, Inside Frost, 12.8V, 21CP, BA15s, S-8
1141R Aircraft, 12.8V, 1.44A, 18.43W, BA15s, S8, Red
1142 BA15d, S-8, 12.8V, 1.44A, 21-MSCP, 21CP, 500 Hours, C-6
1144 BA15d 12-16V 320 RP-11 C-2R 24.8W 32 C. P. 49637 12.5V C-2R  MOL 2.25"/57.2mm MOD 1.42"/36.1mm 400 Hours 1.98A 32CP 32 CP, Eastman Kodak Recordak 6 Reader
1149 44V, 21CP, Auto, BA15s, RP11
S-8, BA15d, 26945, 12.8V, 1.36A, 17W, D. C. Bayonet, LCL 1.25", MOL 2"/51mm, 500 Hours, 265 Lumens, C-6 Filament, MSCP 21, 21CP
1154 Dual Filament 6V21/3CP BA15d 6.4/7V 2.63/.75A/S-8 DC Index Base 21/3 MSCP C-6/C-6 200/1000 Hours, Honda C50, Honda 6V Motorcylce, Honda SL100, T1154, 6V 21/3CP, 0-42723-40018-7, Emgo 4813 48-66606, Tail/Stop, L/Bulb, S25, 21/30P, Peace 6-8V21/3CP
40188, 13.5V, Filament C-6/C-6, MOL 1.44"/36.6mm, MOD .75"/19.1mm, G-6, BA15s, Series Filaments, Rated 5000 hrs at 14V, LCL .81"/20.6mm, .59A, MSCP 4, 26955, Auto Marker, Heavy Duty, 8W
1156 12.8V, 2.1A, 26.9W, 32CP, 800203, BA15s, S-8, C-6
1156, Outside Amber, 12V, 24CP, Auto Truck Signal, 1156NA, 13V
1157 12V, 32W, Dual Element, Heavy Duty, BAY15d, Signal Bulb, 32/3CP, 35719, 12.8V/14V, GE1157, 12V32/4CP, 12 Volts, 1W1-1157, 6240008891799, Honda CL350, S8 Clear Glass, 12V32/3CP
1157A 1157 Natural Amber, 1157NA, Yellow, 12V, 32W, Dual Element Heavy Duty, BAY15d, Signal Bulb, 32/3CP, 35719, 12.8V/14V, 1157A, 1157/NA, 12V 24/2.2CP, 0-42723-40020-0, T1157NA, Replaces 1034A, Heavy Duty Turn, Signal, Parking Auto Light
1158 21-3C.P. 6-8V Headlight & Rear Signal BA15d S-8 TS1158, Harley Davidson 1828 BA
1159 12.8V for 12V Systems, 21CP, BA15s, S-8 Clear Glass, 1.6A, 20W, C-6 Filament, MOL 2", LCL 1.25, 500 Hours
1164 6.4V, 21CP, Special Service, BA15s, S-8
1170 21C/6C, 6V, Down, BA15d, S11
BA15d double contact bayonet base, S6 S-6 Glass 12.8V 1.35A 17.3W 500 Hours
27004, BA15d, S8, 40204, 12.8/14V, C-6/C-6 Dual Filament, 21/6 CP, 300/1500 Hours
CEC, C1178A, G6 Amber Glass, BA15d, 13.5V, .69A, 4CP, Ford Mustang
1183 6V, 5.5V, 6.25A, 35W, BA15s, C-2V, 100 Hours, RP11 Glass, LCL 1.25", MOL 2.25", 50 MSCP, 50CP
1183OF BA15s, RP11, Outside Frost
1184 BA15d, 5.5V, 6.25A, 34.375W, C-2V, RP11
1184G 1184/SIL/OG, Outside Green, Silicone, Search Light, 5.5V
119449 QT-P RCA RCA13
1195 12.5V, 37.5W, 3A, BA15s, C-2V, 200 Hours
1196 12.5V, 37.5W, 3A, RP11 Clear Glass, BA15d Double Contact Bayonet Base, MOL 2.25", MOD 1.35", LCL 1.25", C-2V Filament, 50 MSCP, 300 Hours

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