Hard to Find Bulbs-Misc. K Series

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In Stock
Neon 2-Pin L/F 900 2 50 125V 1/3W
KREATIVE K170134 24V 250W GX5.3 MR16 170158 170158 54128-0 A3269890013 00046135541285 8245 Kreativ Inc. Curing Light Kuring Light II 2000 WA P/N 107134  T/N Welch Allyn, KL 100-127V, 6999
2.2V, .6A, Krypton replacement for 222 2.25V .25A, E10 Miniature Screw Base, 2.33V, .94 CP, C-2R Filament, MOL .93"/23.6mm, MOD .38"/9.6mm, Average Rated Life 5 Hours
K250PAR/SP $10.00 250W, 120-130V, PAR38, E26/SKT, Krypton, Spot  
K2A $5.00 NE-2M, NE2M, 105-125V, Neon Glow Lamp, T2 Clear Glass, Wire Leads Base, 25000 Hours, 65V DC, 90V AC, 150K External Resistance Required 10
Kalimar, 6V, 20W, G4, MR11, Frosted Glass Tube, 20 Watt, Halogen Lamp
K3A $10.00 NE-2P, 6240-00-943-7560, GEK3A, Neon, Wire Leads, T2 Clear Glass, 25,000 Hours, NE2P, 91685372 5
KL20XE $1.00 24V, 5W, Festoon, 37x10mm  
KO10XE/F $1.00 13.5V, .37A, 5W, Frosted, T3.25, Festoon, 10x44  
KO16XE/F $1.00 13.5V, .74A, 5000 Hours, T3.25 Festoon, 10x44, Xenon, Frosted  
KO20XE/F $1.00 24V, 5W, Festoon, 44x10mm, Frosted  
KO23XE $1.00 24V, 10W, Festoon, 44x10mm  
KO23XE/F $1.00 24V, 10W, Festoon, 44x10mm, Frosted  
2.4V, .52A, P13.5s, Rechargeable Flashlight, Krypton PR, 2.4V, .70A, 1.3CP, Bulb Shape  B-3 1/2, Bulb Diameter .4375"/11mm, S.C. Miniature Flanged, 2.4V, 0.7A, 1.68W, MSCP  1.3, Filament  C-2R, MOL 1.25"/31.75mm, , LCL 0.25"/6.35mm, Average Rated Life 10 Hours, Coleman Rechargeable Flashlight Model 5387D711
$1.00 KPR-102 2.4V .7A B3-1/2 P13.5s SC Mini Flange Base 40047 C-2R MOL 1.25"/31.8mm MOD .45"/11.5mm 15 Hours 1002364 Duracell Explorer, Substitute for KPR101 KPR-101, 1.68W, 1.3 Lumens, LCL .25"/6.37mm, Coleman part # 5380B705, Replaces XPR102 or HPX21
3.6V, .75A, 2.63W, P13.5s Single Contact Midget Flanged
$1.00 KPR-104 KPR104R 2.2V0.47A 2.2V .47A Krypton Torch Bulb For Flashlights That Use Two AA Batteries 2,2 Volt Duracell MINI, MULTI , VOYAGER B3.5 SC MINI FLANGED 41-0136 2AA Economy Flashlight 1662 23151 81438 034-004-019 BUZ2AA1 E220 IN215 K220 K221 MICK2AA POOH2AA PRIN2AA R215 WP220 #2702 2-AA #2703 622353 7 638 900 156 850 Impact 2AA 622358 Waterproof 2AA 623949 Clear 50 Hours 02501C, Rayovac GP4AALN, K4AA
For 5 "D" Flashlight 6V .7A B3.5 FLANGED KRYPTON P13.5s CKPR12 12 MSCP 8.4 Watts 15 Hours, Can Substitute for 5.4V .7A Lamp
$1.00 KPR 130, B&D Workmate, 3.85V, 1.2A, B3-1/2, SC Mini Flange Base, C-2R, MOL 1.25"/31.8mm, MOD .45"/11.5mm, P13.5s, 20 Hours
4.75V .5A B3.5 B-3.5 B-3½ Auto Spotlight Flashlight Lantern Single Contact Miniature Flanged Base 2.5 MSCP C-2R MOL 1.25 Inches 10 Hours, KPR4.6V0.5Y, Instabulb, Insta Bulb  
KPR-138, 2.4W, 2V, 1.2A, B3.5 Glass, MOL 1.25", Single Contact Miniature Flange Base
KPR141 $2.00 2V, 1.2A, 2.4W, P13.5s Single Contact Flanged, 10 Hours, T3.5 Clear Glass, Krypton Gas, Pittway, First Alert, Benshine 4
KPR18 50¢
KPR-18 7.20V .55A B3.5 Glass, Miniature Flange Base Krypton 3.96W P13.5s 315.113901 315.115110
KPR-3 3.6V .91A/B3-1/2 SC Mini Flange Base 40043 C-2R MOL 1.25"/31.8mm MOD .45"/11.5mm 30 Hours B-3 1/2 Glass SC Miniature Flanged (P13.5s)  
KX60FR/DC $15.00 Bulbrite 473261, 60W, 120V, BA15d, Frosted  

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